No Man's Sky Looks So Damn Good Now

Screenshot: No Man’s Sky

After yesterday’s update, No Man’s Sky looks completely different. Players cannot stop sharing their beautiful screenshots.

If nothing else, No Man’s Sky generates incredible desktop backgrounds. After the new update, every few minutes I want to stop and take a picture of the beautiful vistas. Other Kotaku staffers are doing the same.

Screenshot: Gita Jackson, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Gita Jackson, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Paul Tamayo, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Paul Tamayo, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Heather Alexandra, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Heather Alexandra, No Man’s Sky

The community at large has also been wowed by the graphical changes, and fans are sharing their own snapshots. In particular, the ringed planets and clouds have been making a huge difference in the ambiance of planets.

Screenshot: Victoria Rose, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Lizzie Landboe, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Sean Martell, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Max Gariepy, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Jsgnextortex, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Nelius87, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Corpoal_Cannabis, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: CooliSushi2, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Kaosticos, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Psijudge13, No Man’s Sky
Screenshot: Storm_Breaker, No Man’s Sky

Even after all this time, No Man’s Sky finds new ways to delight me. I’m still out there, looking for that perfect view.


    Oh shit, they actually improved the worthless draw distance of the base game?
    Color me kinda interested again.

      I've tried to get back into NMS with every major patch only to rage quit when I inevitably crash into a tree before the game even renders it.
      As much as I applaud the dev's commitment to improving the game post release, time would be far better spent on basic functionality like draw distance and planetary generation than niche fluff like base building and multiplayer imo.

      The game was created to be about galactic exploration. How bout you give me something to find instead of reasons to bum around on one planet.
      Those are some nice screenshots, but I still see a lot of barren ground.

      Last edited 27/07/18 12:13 am

      Yeah, I'm curious. Queued it for reinstall on the pro this morning.

      Thing that makes me wary about all this glowing praise and coverage is... well. People shared those screenshots and heaped all this praise on graphics the first time it came around, too.

      But it was all completely opposite to my experience.

      I spent 99.9% of my time on barren-as-fuck rock planets littered with the apparently fungal equivalent of Australia's sparse scrub/bushland randomly littered under skies obscured by one of a handful of randomly-selected hazardous weather effects.

      I'd fly around the blandly uniform planet with its one and only biome, watching one of the half-dozen identical prefab structures procedurally generated from the 100 metre-view-distance fog before my eyes, with no apparent rhyme or reason, just wondering... why?

      Every individual snowflake is apparently unique, but that's meaningless in a blizzard... which is basically my No Man's Sky experience. I can't think of a single snowflake planet that stood out from the galaxy blizzard. It was all just... snow, to me.

      I'm really hoping their algorithm has been improved.

    Very tempted to get back into NMS. I had fun at launch withholds but clearly appears a fairy different game now.

      That base game at launch is still there, tucked away, but it has a lot more layers on top now. If you have it, check it out again and decide for yourself if its enough or not.

      The core idea of being largely about exploration hasn't changed, so its still going to miss for a lot of people.

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