No Man's Sky's GOG Version Won't Get Multiplayer Until Later This Year

Image: Hello Games / No Man's Sky

It's a great week to rediscover No Man's Sky, particularly if you were holding out for multiplayer. Unless you bought the DRM-free version of the game.

In a post on the official GOG forums and the GOG Galaxy client, Hello Games has revealed that the DRM-free version of No Man's Sky — which is available through the CD Projekt Red-owned storefront GOG — won't get the multiplayer portion of the Next update until later this year.

"The multiplayer component will not be ready at launch; we expect it to be released later this year as full multiplayer parity remains in the pipeline," a statement from Hello Games says.

"For a small, independent studio, developing the feature across multiple platforms is a hugely ambitious and technical challenge which resulted in this delayed release. Hello Games is however joining forces with GOG.COM to introduce full multiplayer via the GOG Galaxy platform."

No Man's Sky isn't the first game to delay features to the DRM-free version of its game, although at least GOG owners will get the multiplayer eventually. And all of the singleplayer content that came with the Next update is live for GOG users. But the notice is a reminder of why Steam is still the default point of purchase for a lot of PC games: users don't have to worry about not getting key features at the same time as everyone else.


    Money grab for those that finally want to play multiplayer but have only been playing the DRM free version without paying? Sucks for those of us that actually own the game via GoG..

      Pretty sure it's not a cash grab but rather that they had to write multiplayer for the GoG network separately from the Steam network, and decided not to delay the release of the other platforms just for GoG

    I own the gog version, I wan't to be angry but mate, at this point? lol

      Game is getting a massive free update years after release.

      No subscription. No loot boxes. No in-game shop. Just a small dev trying to deliver.

        So... you're giving them a pass then? I'm not ;)

          Mate, I don't think being rational is giving someone a "pass". And again, you don't have to "give" them anything, the update is free. Enjoy it or don't. No one cares.


              Huh. Next time don't buy the game before reading reviews like a big dumb idiot. Huh.

                Respect for coming back it is at odds with your 'no one cares' narrative, that and the personal attacks. Feel better champ.

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