Now This Is A Dice Tower

All images: Jezpas (Reddit)

If the simple act of rolling dice isn't enough for you, and just buying a pre-made dice tower just isn't enough, why not 3D print one of your own?

The tower was put together by Jezpas on reddit, who used a "three-path" dice tower as the base. It's roughly based on Laura's Tower in Shrewsbury, England, and from there Jezpas 3D printed some extras to flesh it all out.

GIF: JesperHessius

All the parts connect via magnets, with about 10 removable parts in total and 30 magnets required to hook it all together. The rustic effect on the exterior was done through a "stone effect" spray paint, which was darkened lightly by hand afterwards. Moss, which you can grab from any Games Workshop or other store with Warhammer basics, was for a finer touch.

If I was the DM, I'd be using this as a centrepiece, designing fights and battles around the tower for visual impact. It's a great bit of ingenuity with some extra love and care, and a very cool way to spice up D&D night.


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