Original Magic: The Gathering Card Art Sells For $97,043

Art by Kara Foglio | Image via Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions recently sold the original art used for Shahrazad, a card released in 1993 for Magic: The Gathering’s Arabian Nights expansion. It sold for a ton.

Illustrated by writer and artist Kaja Foglio, the $US72,000 ($97,043) final offer is the second big Magic sale in the last few months, with the original Arcbound Ravager art selling for $US45,000 ($60,652) in June.

Here’s the official item description (the winner would receive both the original painting and a card):

Kaja Foglio’s “Shahrazad” card has the dubious distinction of being the only non-Conspiracy card that does not require an ante which has been banned in “Type I / Vintage” and “Legacy” play. A gorgeous work of art created in oil on illustration board with a matted image area of 7" x 5.5".

Signed in the image area and in Excellent condition. Not only is this a stunning work of art, it comes with a copy of the card itself in Excellent condition. This card sells in Excellent condition for well in excess of $US200.00 ($270) by itself. A great set.

The painting was formerly in the possession of Ethan Roberts, a noted collector of comic art who passed away in 2017.

Here’s the painting in full:

Art by Kara Foglio | Image via Heritage Auctions


    A friend of mine once cast Fork on a Shahrazad. That game of Magic is still going on to this day.

      Yeah nice, let us know when that sub-game has finished :P

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