People Love Goku And Vegeta’s New Jackets

People Love Goku And Vegeta’s New Jackets

A new Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer just debuted at San Diego Comic-Con. In it, Broly goes bonkers, but what many fans also dig are Goku’s and Vegeta’s winter wear.

Just look at these jackets!

Folks love them. I do, too.

In Japan, those who pre-order movie tickets for Dragon Ball Super: Broly get little Goku or Vegeta jacket figurines with plastic hair that changes based on the temperature.

Image東映映画チャンネル” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: 東映映画チャンネル

Supplies are limited, and it looks as though there will be other pre-order freebies prior to the movie’s December 14 release in Japan.


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