Unlike In Pokemon, Digimon's Humans Keep Ageing

Illustration: Digimon Adventure

In the Pokémon anime, Ash is ten years old. Eternally. But in the Digimon anime, the human characters are getting older.

The upcoming Digimon movie, which marks the franchise’s 20th anniversary, stars a 22-year-old Taichi (“Tai”) and Yamato (“Matt”).

When the anime started, both characters were boys and now, years later, they’re adults.

The fact that the characters age gives greater depth to the anime, moving out of an abstract timeline closer to reality.


    It makes sense though, Digimon has been trying to appeal to an older audience for a while now, the recent games and digimon Tri were clearly attempts at getting the people who used to be into digimon back in.

    Hell i think making them 22 is much better than the teenage versions we got before, much closer to my age and boy am i sick of teenage protagonists, will be interesting having actual adults be the main characters in a Digimon project.

      Yeah, I generally prefer stories told from the adult point of view as well. So many of the overused tropes feel just... too cheap when they rely on teenagers' traits of awkwardness/over-reactions/insecurity/sexual repression or inexperience/unfamiliarity with the world.

      Combined with the generically noble and intentionally-bland-for-self-insertion-fantasy protagonists (bonus points for unfulfilled harem ownership), and they all end up the fucking same. I'm so fucking bored with those tropes.

    I watched all of Digimon Adventure tri. It really frustrates that they focus too much on Taichi and Yamato.

    Ash remains eternally 10 because he is actually in a coma ever since he was hit by lightning during the early episodes. We are just watching his subconscious.

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