Pokemon Goes Back To The Movies With A Teaser For The Power Of Us

Pokemon Goes Back To The Movies With A Teaser For The Power Of Us

Right now, the Pokebuzz is all about the live-action Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds — but, as the kids like to say, you don’t just catch one. You catch them all. The first English-language look has arrived for the latest Pokemon animated flick, Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us, which is coming to the US for special screenings.

Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us, the 21st movie in the longstanding franchise, sees Ash and Pikachu heading to a windy seaside town to save it from destruction. It’s the second film after the film series reboot that started with I Choose You!, and it has been confirmed that this film is a direct sequel that sees the return of the Legendary Pokemon Lugia.

The movie debuted in Japan earlier this year under the name Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story, and is getting a limited American theatrical release around November from Fathom Events, according to The Hollywood Reporter. An Australian release has not yet been announced.

As far as that other Pokemon movie, it was reported last week that Detective Pikachu has switched from Universal to Warner Bros., as part of a larger negotiation involving Legendary Entertainment’s film catalogue. No word whether this will affect the production schedule or release date.


  • Jesus Christ, I know Pokemon is primarily aimed at kids, but that’s the biggest load of cheese I’ve seen in anything.

    Also bullshit, you live in a world of pokemon and “I don’t know anything about them!”

    • I mean some people know absolutely nothing about the animals that live around them now so it’s not that unbelievable If someone asked me to actually name the proper scientific names given to birds, cats, and dog breeds around me I know I’d fail. I just know the usual common stuff and maybe some random trivia.

  • Why would they have Ash’s VA play the blonde girl’s brown haired brother(?)? Even if the budget is tight, at least make them do a voice that doesn’t sound exactly the same as Ash!

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