PUBG's New Map Has A Game-Ruining Exploit

The newest map in the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is awesome in a lot of ways. However, there is a location in the southwest portion of the islands where you can hide under the map and ambush unsuspecting players.

Here I go disappearin' again.

There is a single spot right outside a building in the village of Na Kham where the dirt texture of the ground and the actual collision properties of the ground do not meet up. This creates a "pocket" between a slight rise in the ground texture and the collision layer that the player actually stands on. It allows for a murderous and exploit-y game of hide and go seek.

When a player is in that pocket, they are fully hidden, and they can still shoot from "beneath" the map. It's a horrible, bad thing, and as you can see in this video by YouTuber niKlas, it's an easy way to rack up a couple early kills in the game due to players not knowing about the death trap awaiting them.

I'm generally forgiving of PUBG's idiosyncrasies and glitches. Despite running into a lot of glitches and problems since launch, I have still been full committed to the particular way that PUBG crafts its battle royale gameplay. I'm willing to accept a lot of clunkiness to have that experience, especially when it affects all players equally.

However, this is not that kind of bug. This is an easily exploitable problem in the implementation of the map. It will reward some players for knowing how to take advantage of it and will punish others for not being enfranchised enough to know to avoid it. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible because it is nothing but a boon to trolls and a detriment to average players.

The view from "inside" the ground.

As of this morning, the map error was still there.


    What is that? Another map that is half complete upon release. While I haven't found any Miramar instant death random holes in the ground, I have come across rocks that slide you into a small dip that you can't climb out of. Blue Hole 2G.

    a single patch of dirt in a 4x4 km map is game ruining?

    I get that Kotaku has this campaign against PUBG at the moment and that the game hasn't entirely had a smooth ride since its inception--hell, PUBG Corp./Bluehole could charitably be described as learning during all of this. All of that said this article is still a big stretch.

      It's probably more about the fact this is a huge company that has a track record of half-assed development with a complete lack of quality control.

      I agree that it's not as big a deal as Kotaku is making it out to be. Just avoid that area, problem solved.

        I wonder how big the PUBG team actually is. Bluehole is listed as having between 50 and 200 people, but they're supporting an MMO (2, up until earlier this year) as well as a mobile games studio.

          PUBG Corporation (aside from being an awful name) reportedly has 250-300 employees across at least four cities internationally. The company works exclusively on PUBG so it's a better metric than Blue Hole at the moment.

            So there's really no excuse for the state of the game..

            You say they have 250+ employees, I guess only 10 of them actually do work.

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