Rifter Takes Platforming, Douses It In '80s Neon

The product of a single developer, Rifter launched on Steam today. It's a lightning quick platformer with a huge splash of neon that's pretty addictive to watch.

Rifter is produced by Maximilian Csuk, the solo person behind IMakeGames. Most people probably wouldn't have heard of Csuk's previous projects, but the trailer below is a very good pitch for giving Rifter a second look:

The game has over 90 levels, 30 upgrades and a world map, and in a quick digest on Imgur the creator outlined some of the prototypes and mechanics that they originally worked through. While most of Rifter involves swinging and grappling your way from one ledge to the next, it also originally had the ability to shoot:

The idea of quickly dashing into a point to attack it, however, looks way cooler. Behind all of this, as you'd probably expect by the colour palette, is a smashing synthwave soundtrack. And the animations and effects from swinging around and flying into enemies looks great.

If you're interested, here's Rifter store page on Steam. It's going for $US9.59 until this time next week.


    I put it on my wishlist. I can see it being frustrating, but addictive. Like when you do eventually pull it off it'll be amazing.

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