Well, everyone was on track with space-style games. But it wasn't a shmup or one of those - it was actually Neptune's Pride, the glacial Aussie-made browser strategy game, where you basically plot to destroy all your friendships over the course of a few weeks.

What a game. But can you guess today's game?

Good luck!


    any one of the Batman Arkham games.
    ..maybe origins specifically..

    Last edited 10/07/18 12:56 pm

    Batman: Arkham city
    The anarky tag upside down

      That's what I was thinking, cept was leaning towards Arkham Origins.

        You are right Anarky was in Origins

    This looks like a weird sigil or spell-symbol from a hellscape game... Doom or maybe Requiem: Avenging Angel, or Shadowman...

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