Nobody got yesterday's game! I'm a little disappointed, come to think of it. Here's a fresh clue ... why don't you have another crack.

And the original to jog your memory:

A small hint: you never wanted to piss off the church in this game.

Good luck!


    SimCity 2000?

    No joke one of the cheat codes was "damn" or "heck".

    When entered, one would get a dialog says "Hey, same to you!" and then your residential zones would only build (or convert to) churches.

    No idea...No Man's Sky?

    Edit: just saw the hint about the church - still no idea...
    I got nothing.

    Last edited 24/07/18 12:34 pm

    It looks familiar, like System Shockish/Terminatorish/Robocopish.

    Based on that, my guess today is The Hunt for Red October.

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