Solo Was A Good-Lookin' Movie

I really liked Solo! What I liked most — and don't let this appearing in a concept art feature shock you — was how good it looked, how Star Wars everything was, from Corellia to the Kessel Run.

What We Liked (And Didn't Like) About Solo

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One of the people to thank for that is Finnian MacManus, an artist we've featured before here on Fine Art. But that was before he got to start helping out on Star Wars movies, so I thought I'd feature some of that here tonight.

He's worked on both Solo and Rogue One, and you'll find a selection of pieces from them below. To see more of MacManus' art, head to his personal site and ArtStation page.



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    Solo was a good Starwars movie.

    Fixed it for you.

      You know, I enjoyed it. The last scene where he sees Lando again and tells chewie to rip his arms off was spot on Harrison Ford. I just wish we got that all throughout the entire movie.

      I hope we get another one because it will be a hell of a lot better.

        We likely won't because it bombed.

          Man, it made almost $400mil worldwide, and that's only going to grow.

            It bombed because it cost so much to produce and market that it still didn't make bank. It isn't a good look.

        Apparently they had to get acting coaches in halfway through the film. So that could explain it.

          Yeah the pick was odd, I didn't mind him, but a lot of the movie he was just generically rogueish rather than Han.

    I really enjoyed that movie!
    I’m not into the SJW stuff, and all the drama around it, or feminism or any of that. But I had no trouble enjoying this film, and the last three.
    And on topic of this article, I agree, it looked great.

    Nice artwork. However, let's take one of those SOLO artworks and apply the style the cinematographer in the film used.
    Ah perfect!
    I dug the film, but some of the cinematography was the worst I recall ever seeing in a big film.

    TLJ really killed my interest in SW.

    I'll still check Solo out when it hits Netflix etc. But for the first time since Phantom Menace I didn't go to the cinema to watch the latest SW film.

      Mate, deadset its not a bad movie, its a good little movie.

        Gad dammit Rian. I blame you for not seeing this at the cinema!

          There is a ton of Oh Shit moments as well.. If we dont get a sequel id be gutted!

      It is soooooooo much better than Last Jedi.
      It should have waited a year like the others did, but I'm still really glad I went to see it in cinemas.

        Wouldn't be hard ;)

        I thought Rogue One was really great too... I guess its the 'alternate' year movies which are the good ones now.

    I loved Solo. I didn't go in with any expectations, I just wanted to sit and enjoy. And damn it, I did.

    That art looks great. But this movie was one of the ugliest, dimmest, most visually awful movies I've ever seen. The cinematographer should never work again.

      After seeing a really good fan edit of Rogue One, I'm 100% behind seeing reworks of this and Last Jedi.

        Do you have any you'd recommend? Fan edits, that is.

          Just the Rogue One recut. It replaced the music with Williams and cut the film down, starting from Krennic arriving on Mustafar.

      There seemed to be something off about the sound too.

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