Someone's Making An Erotic AFL Game

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There's no doubt that AFL is an intense sport: high leaps, lots of bodies coming together, constant grappling, and plenty of running.

Of course, that's not the direction developer Robert Yang is taking.

Robert Yang's past games have focused on: scrubbing naked men in the shower, consensual spanking, having sex with your car, and a game that focuses on gay men in the '60s when police were secretly filming bathrooms.

Naturally, the machinations of AFL, or sportsball, are not his thing. But Bar SK - the same bar in Melbourne that holds the very unusual DELETE gamejam - has commissioned the developer to make an erotic game out of AFL.

The working title so far: Ruck Me.

Just the idea of this sounds hilarious. AFL clubs have been rather gracious with the footage they've uploaded online - I'm dying to see what happens when Robert Yang puts it all together.

God bless video games. Ruck Me is due out next month.


    Implying AFL isn't erotic already.

      What erotic about toned men in short shorts playing grab ass with other toned men in short shorts.

        See, this is why I stick to esports.

        Because I'm ashamed of my homosexuality. ;.;


      I personally cannot wait for the expansion where Macavaney gives Roili a sponge bath. :/

    "lots of bodies coming together, constant grappling, and plenty of running. "

    Sounds like my sex life.

      I'm about to give up, when I decide, ok, I might as well just check youtube for something, anything, maybe a 1 second clip...

      Sounds like my sex life.

    Won't this immediately get removed by the AFL for infringing upon likeness rights of the players? Just because the footage is online doesn't mean you have any access to the rights for it...

      A good point. Even if the likenesses of the players aren't used, AFL is a trademark. You can't make a game about the AFL without the AFL's permission. Otherwise, it's just 'Unaffiliated Rugby Game'.

    Dammit Kotaku, you owe me a wild turkey and coke. You just made me spit mine as I laughed reading "ruck me"!

    A Current Affair's gonna have a field day with this one

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