Good Morning, Here’s Some Spyro Reignited Gameplay

Good Morning, Here’s Some Spyro Reignited Gameplay

Everyone’s favourite purple dragon is making a comeback later this year. And if you’re keen on that, then maybe you’d like to see how the remastered trilogy is shaping up.

Some footage of Idol Springs, a level from Spyro 2, has been uploaded overnight. It’s a good opportunity to see all the remastered texture work, including the soft grass, Spyro’s animations while swimming, and the neat tidbit that every Foreman apparently has a name starting with B.

The developers didn’t have access to the original assets, so they built a tool called SpyroScope that would let them extract the original level meshes, placements and character pathing. That’s actually a staggering accomplishment — across three games — although you’d never know it looking at the end result.

That said, fans of the original might notice some tweaks to animations and other bits and pieces: the Toys for Bob team maintained the spirit and animations of the characters, but some liberties were taken to make things “more fun and playful”.

Case in point: one of the idols has a barbeque for the top of their head. After all, they’re swinging a stick with a marshmallow on it: why wouldn’t they also have a BBQ? For the most part, however, the remaster is pretty reverential.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is due out on September 21, landing on PS4 and Xbox One.


    • they’re playing it rather slowly; not charging, not much jumping, not collecting all the gems and stuff. They barely explored Idol Springs, there’s a long platforming ‘challenge’ above the Hula girls they skipped. Idol Springs is also one of the earliest levels in the game, the others being Glimmer (the very first level) and then the player’s pick of Idol Springs or Collossus, so it’s kinda like… early level = easy level.

  • Video not answering the important questions: does charging still have the shdooga-dooga-dooga-dooga sound effect with the rapid pitter-patter of feets?

    • The idols looks great! I am sad that the silly voices of the workman have gone though :'(
      Hope they keep it silly for Colossus

  • Is this one better than Crash? I played the new Crash game and it was horrible (I have no nostalgia glasses).

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