Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Update Has An Official Release Date

It might’ve taken a few extra months in the oven, but Stardew Valley‘s multiplayer update has a definitive release date — August 1. Which, if you have a calendar handy, is less than two weeks away.

Interestingly, for such a big update, there’s no announcement on Steam or the official website. There is a trailer, though, with all the information you need.

Actually, that’s a lie: the trailer’s description has all the information you need:

The Stardew Valley multiplayer update comes out on August 1st, 2018 for PC, Mac & Linux! Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch multiplayer updates coming soon.

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So, the good news is if you have a PC, you’re good to go come August 1. Console owners however are in the same position they were minutes ago.

The best I can do in terms of compensation is provide a link to the patch notes. At least you’ll know what to look forward to.

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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update — Trailer & Release Date [YouTube, via RPS]

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