Steven Universe: The Movie Is Coming And So Is White Diamond

Steven Universe: The Movie Is Coming And So Is White Diamond
Image: Cartoon Network

Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the Crystal Gems came to this year’s San Diego Comic Con with an all new episode of Steven Universe teasing what’s in store store for Steven in the next arc of their epic adventures and well, the last of the Diamonds (and her Princess Leia-inspired Pearl) is finally going to make her long-teased debut.

While Blue and Yellow Diamond have been framed as the most terrifying villains Steven and the Gems might ever face, White Diamond makes the two of them seem like mini bosses by comparison. Her destructive power, it turns out, might have been what caused the destruction on Homeworld.

Plus, unlike the other Diamonds, she has an objectively violent, abusive relationship with her Pearl. Trust us, the next few episodes of Steven Universe are going to blow your mind.

But that’s not all.

As thrilling as that tidbit about Steven Universe the show are, what’s even more amazing is that Steven Universe: The Movie is on its way. The most recent arc of the show wrapped up a number of ongoing storylines, but it raised a bunch of additional interesting questions in the process; just what all the film will answer — and introduce — is still shrouded in mystery, but you can check out the cryptic teaser that Cartoon Network just released:

Start working on your fan theories.

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  • Tried watching an episode of this, just due how much you guys talk about it. Unless I’m missing something, it really seemed like a goofy kid show with weird, shitty quality animation. I don’t get the new “make everything look awful” style these days, same as with the upcoming Ninja Turtles reboot.

    • Yeah, I don’t know if any of the actual readers of the site watch this shit. I don’t get why there are so many articles about it.

      • Because it’s really popular on Tumblr and similar because the characters are gender neutral or something. I don’t understand the appeal either.

        • So you’ve watched it then soldant?

          It’s definitely worth digging in and watching a few eps before making a call. The animation I found slightly improved over time. The long narrative threads are so well crafted that I encourage lots of people to watch it. It packs a real emotional punch over a couple of seasons.

    • One episode won’t drag you in. It’s a very long haul to get to the interesting parts of steven universe. The character are amazing, but I found 6 episodes did it for me.
      It is very much like Adventure time where it seems random, but then there is an episode that advances the story. Unlike Adventure time, Steven universe increases the story episodes so that they are the majority, with only a few filler episodes here and there. Not that they are truly filler, it usually has something to do with character growth.

    • Season 1 is mostly world building and a handful of actually really engaging/plot driven episodes (if you ever decide to give it another chance: Mirror Gem, Ocean Gem, The Return and Jailbreak are easily the best episodes in season 1). Don’t really get where you’re seeing the ‘shitty quality animation/make everything look awful,’ though.

  • It took me two attempts to really sink in to the show. Much of the same opinion as above for the first view I had of the first few episodes.
    Weird, kinda silly and a little bit boring to look at.

    It’s really around halfway through the first season (which I got to on my second attempt to watch the show) that it starts to pick up and engage you.

    Theres plenty of subtle nods to animes in between but the appeal of the show to me is that it has truly endearing characters and isn’t afraid to get a bit messy with its portrayal of relationships and how people interact with each other.
    It’s definitely worth sticking out imo, the series gets better and better as it goes.

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