Keep Those Switch Ports Coming

Keep Those Switch Ports Coming
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The Switch train pulled into the station this morning, and it’s brought some choice passengers along.

Developer support for the Nintendo Switch has been ramping up over the last year. And the post-E3 lineup continues to look very good.

First off: some Aussie love. I spoke about where Hand of Fate 2 improved on its predecessor earlier this year, and the good news is that you’ll be able to take the roguelike deckbuilding action-RPG with you on the train.

Defiant Development’s sequel will launch on the eShop next week – July 17, according to the studio on Twitter. It’ll ship with Endless mode, while Goblins and the rest of the DLC will be added in shortly after launch.

Joining Hand of Fate on the Switch train is Wasteland 2. A trailer for inXile’s spin on a post-apoclayptic wasteland dropped on the official Nintendo YouTube channel early this morning, with the game due for release this spring.

And for those who want their action a little bit faster, Victor Vran got announced for the Switch recently. The demon-hunting Diablo-esque ARPG drops on August 28, and it’ll come with the Motorhead Through The Ages and Fractured Worlds DLC.

And as a final reminder – it got missed amongst the hustle and bustle of Computex and E3 – the Switch is getting Okami HD as well. A Bing-powered translation of Capcom’s Okami Japanese Twitter says the game will drop on August 9.

Footage of Amaterasu going for a portable-powered jog was released months ago, but Amaterasu is adorable, so let’s look at that again anyway.


  • Hm, I’m in two minds about this.

    It’s good to see some past and well made games get a second chance. Hence most of my Switch library are updates of Wii U games, the main one being Mario Kart 8.

    But at the same time, the Switch will need some good exclusives of its own. Otherwise, some may get the impression the trend will continue and skip any good game on the Switch and wait for the “updated, remaster” on the next Nintendo console.

  • I recall victor vran being the one good van helsing arpg, right? That motorhead trubute seems awesome!

    And i played HoF 1, but this will be a good excuse to pick up the second and support an aussie studio.

    And I’ve been pretty hyped for wasteland 2 since it was announced. I never got around to it on the pc, and I’ve been hankering an OG fallout experience since i tried getting into 4 recently.

    Yeah, I’m down for all of these games, and monster hunter ultimate. It’s gonna be a big couple of months!

  • What’s with Hand of Fate? I’m completely confused by it. Is it a deck building game? an rpg? Some weird hybrid? I can’t figure it out…

    • It is a weird hybrid that works amazingly well.
      Basically you build a deck of encounters which are laid down to form the play area. Each card is an encounter that could be an event, a battle or a chance to buy items.
      Combat is a simplified version of Arkham hit and counter system on a small combat area.
      If you complete an encounter successfully you can get a token that unlock new cards. So you have encounter trees that tell mini stories that you work through as complete runs.
      There are 22 main quests that you work through, but you will end up playing multiple times as there is a silver and gold ratings, each level giving a token.
      So that aspect of it is kinda rogue-lite-ish

  • I realise younger Switch owners may have missed a few of these indie games being released on PC and PS3/XBOX360.. however the ‘shovelware’ approach of all back catalogue games being dumped on the Switch does not impress me.. mainly as I have all of these games on PC – where I bought them already on discount a year or two after they were first released.

    the console needs newer and more importantly exclusive titles to keep some longevity or it’ll go the way of the Wii U all too soon.

    • It would be alright if they charged a decent price for these older games, but they are more often than not the price of a newly released game.

    • I am too becoming miffed with all the rehashed content. I can dig the hordes of indie titles, but ports upon ports is just lazy. Give us new content ffs!

  • I think a lot of you guys complaining are focusing on your single use case and expecting everyone to be in the same boat… but really aren’t. The Switch is a portable hybrid – not everyone sits at home in front of their TV and plays games. Nintendo’s own stats show that with a fairly even split. And that point of this, play your games on the go and anywhere you want. I’m not going to buy a gaming laptop to play these on the go, or can I do that with my Xbox or PS4.

    Lots of people haven’t played these games, and getting ports doesn’t hurt the console at all – it already has many more games than Wii U and quite a few that are PC only. But you know… your not confined to your house to play them anymore.

    Switch already has a good selection of exclusive games with more coming, and Nintendo themselves have said their full launch list hasn’t been unveiled for this year. Games take many years to build, not a few months. There is more games “coming” to Switch than any other console right now and gives users plenty of choice – which is what we want. Not an single exclusive game every month or two. Also, Let’s not forget that it feels like there is more exclusives (and games in general) announced on Switch than Xbox as of late.

    Be happy with choice and options people! This is not a bad thing..

    • Who’s expecting anyone to be in their boat? The same thing could be said of all these authors who expect us to be in their boat. Not everyone is interested in re-purchasing and re-playing games they’ve already gone through years ago (and have freely accessible any time they want should the itch for a replay rear its head). The neverending supply of ports and rehashes would be perfectly fine if it were supplementing the usual steady flow of new and interesting titles… but it seems to have practically taken over from it. At this point in its life I had far more entries and interest in my Wii U library than I do on Switch, and it’s hugely disappointing to be so unenthused about a Nintendo console.

      And drawing a comparison to Xbox isn’t exactly all that meaningful, I’ve never found them to have any titles of particular interest in comparison to Nintendo so this is just more status quo.

  • Goddamnit. I bought most of these games for $10USD in Humble Bundles, and now I’m going to have to shell out $100 to get them all on my Switch…
    But seriously, I am pumped about all these, and will buy them again. I don’t really get all the port-hate for the Switch. I love the ports Switch is getting. I mean, hell, Wolfenstein 2 came about 8-10 months after it’s console release? If it was any other console, we wouldn’t call it a port – it would be a timed exclusive. ;P

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