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    Christ, it's Monday already?!

    Damn you, Cities: Skylines!!!!!!

      Friday now. Winning!!!


        My family declared me dead in absentia and I no longer have a job!

        I'm uninstalling this addictive game and getting my life back on track ..... after one last quick turn .....


    Has anyone noticed a lack of Reviews being posted by Kotaku?

    I miss them

      Not to be overly narky, but it's a bit hard to review games when so far (regardless of quality) are being released these days.

      These days, the big names are more than happy to simply release a game and then draw a steady (and insane in its size) income from the micro-transactions forced in.

      The alternative is to turn to the independent scene but that has its own problem of trying to filter out the products "acting as games" from the "actual games" themselves.

      I think there's a few reasons for this, but the biggest would be what sources people trust in terms of reviews. I've read studies that show are over two thirds more likely to trust customer reviews over a critic. Anecdotally, I think those numbers are dropping further.

      I think Kotaku's approach of writing more articles that focus on smaller elements of a game and turning them into discussion points allows the writers to get their points across, without it having to be a full "review"

        The simpler answer for this as well is that it's July, and July is always pretty quiet on the release front. But @snowee is bang on too: a lot of the time we'll look for ways to write about games, even if it's not tagged "the Kotaku review". Also, and this affects everyone across the board, but there are so many more games being released these days (almost 200 a week on Steam alone, for instance).

    Looking for something new on switch. Saw Hollow Knight. Wanted to support an Aussie dev but wondering how hard it is? I am a casual gamer not really into hard core games and i heard it was like 2d dark souls x super meat boy. Is this accurate?

      It is difficult, but not unfairly so. Have you played Shovel knight? (I haven't actually played it myself, waiting for a chance to buy it).

      Otherwise 4 squared, Golf story, party golf and Framed collection are all Aussie. There's probably more, but without the switch in front of me, I can't tell

        Got Golf Story! That was good but got a bit repetitive towards the end. I'll check out the others.

        Never played shovel knight. Heard it's good though. The art in hollow knight is kinda drawing me in.

          Well, Dark souls you do die easily, but you know it's often a mistake you have made, rather than the computer cheating. I am in no way amazing at games, I'm mediocre to terrible, and I still managed to finish Shovel Knight.
          Like I said, hoping to get Hollow Knight soon. I couldn't play Dark souls beyond an hour because it made me sim sick. ^^;;

        100% get Shovel Knight. It's a fantastic challenge which isn't too punishing, and the sound and graphics are great.

        I'd recommend the Treasure Trove version, as that has 4 campaigns, although I haven't played the King Knight's one (don't know if it's released).

      I forgot Enter the Gungeon. Also an Aussie developer.

        Yikes! I saw that in a Dunkey video. That one is beyond me!!
        Took the plunge and got hollow knight. It's absolutely brilliant.
        Think I'll try hand of fate 2 when it comes out.

          Glad you are enjoying it. I'm hoping to get it soon, but my tooth comes first

          Get hand of fate, my god that is a fantastic series

            Gotta admit I'm intrigued. Still seems utterly bizarre how it works though

              It is hard to describe but makes perfect sense one you start to play it

      Putty Pals is apparently a fun, co-op, Aussie produced platformer.

        Yes, that is also an aussie one. Expect to see more in the future as most of the Aussie indies were very excited about the switch

    I beat Resident Evil 7 last night. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was pretty good but I played RE4, 5 and 6 right before it and I think that ruined it for me. I had an invincible mindset so I didn't flinch when the game needed me to. I constantly found myself stabbing when I should have been running or hiding. I think if I was more cautious it would have been clearer.
    In the basement I found myself doing what the game wanted me to, but I was doing it early because I thought I had to run. I'd fought a few times but the game had said in no uncertain terms it was impossible to win. Eventually I fought out of boredom and it turns out I was meant to just keep doing it until I won.
    It made me feel like the game was at odds with itself. In some parts it was realism with a Resident Evil mask, and others it was Resident Evil with a realism mask. There were even bits that felt like it wanted you to manually walk through a cutscene with QTEs. Like there were hidden rails to follow but it didn't want you to see them.

    My favourite part of Resident Evil games is destroying them with multiple playthroughs so I'm eager to get started on that. I think the game will be much more rewording on that front. The three meds or less achievement is a good indicator that it'll be fun going flat out.


    Hello. You can find me on psn (destiny, mhw, random games and chat), xbox (forza, also forza and sometimes forza), or steam via my username from here, without the Elite: Dangerous prefix. :) Oh, and you can find me in Elite: Dangerous the same way. ;)

      I'll add you. It's always good to find a group to play with.

    Our dev team got a new NAS in today for the office from HP.

    The instructions are in Kazakh.

    So much for buying local ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I recently played Valley again over a period of two days. I first played and completed it when it came out and have been meaning to run through it again for well over a year but always either had the time but not the motivation or the motivation but not the time.

    Valley captures something wonderful in its simple mechanics and serene beauty. One moment you'll be barrelling across the landscape upon mechanical legs at, leaping through the air and swinging from grapples, and the next you'll be combing every nook and crevice in frustration, looking for collectible medallions and energy capacitor upgrades.

    Playing through Valley again, it took me 20 largely-frustrating hours to find everything and 100% the game. However, in doing so and exploring the world, I found that the majority of the game, sometimes entire levels, are cleverly designed to accommodate high speed runs. The flow is nearly flawless and is designed to allow experienced players to transition from running to leaping to swinging to running again without missing a beat. And in these sections, the music fits perfectly, at times evolving to match the player's experience. For example, my favorite level takes place almost entirely in a huge underground tunnel, complete with electrified transit rails that, when run on, powers your suit to make you run at blazing speed. This allows you to effortlessly leap across massive gaps where the track has collapsed into the caverns below, and its at points like this where the music plays its part so well, responding to your progress. When the level starts and you hit the rails for the first portion, the music sticks to a fast-tempo, mostly metallic percussion that seems to answer your constant loud stomping run over the rails. Then, when you launch off the broken track and soar through that first big cavern, the music suddenly hits near silence, only a gradually-rising, crescendo growing louder as you fly through the air, as if the orchestra are all drawing in a deep breath. The instant you touch down, the music explodes into flutes, strings, and drums, dictating a rapid pace and urging you on as you run like lightning through the tunnels. This happens a couple more times as you progress through the level but none more exclamatory than the last when you're launched straight up at the end of the track and the music falls quickly into another quieter and far deeper tonal crescendo that builds up and suddenly explodes into deafening silence with a final strike of a deep base drum the instant you finally hit the ground.

    Anyway, after my initial playthrough and learning the layout and flow of the levels, my second playthrough was a near non-stop dash that took only 1h 10min from start to finish. Good game. Simple and beautiful, and a good escape to kill time.

    Darn it. Even though I only played it occasionally it looks like my Switch is among those with the high failure rate.

    Not talking about the screen though - I got the Orange Screen of Death (OSoD) and the common remedy of just rebooting the unit isn't working.

    Will just share this though.

    For those who are outside of the warranty (including myself), check your Internet connection as having a bad one can trigger the problem.

    If that still doesn't help, then it will have to be sent to Nintendo for repair (I'm not so lucky, it's stuck on the OSoD).

    For those still within warranty, I think it safe to say forget the remedy and take advantage of the free repair while it can be repaired. If if the console works fine after a reboot, try and get it looked so you can avoid being in the same situation I'm in now.

      do you know how much it will cost for repair?

        Will post back when I find out. While general information has been provided by Nintendo and is available on line, I'll write back the actually amount for my case after it has been repaired.

    Finished Absolver over the weekend... that game needs way more content, or a PvE way to unlock the higher difficulties. The combat is really satisfying, and while learning moves is a little slow (I mastered my first new move 3-4 levels after beating the final boss, and only because I was using the stagger learning deck), building your own fighting deck allows for a lot of customisation - if I had more bosses/areas to use it in, I'd love to build a windfall/stagger hybrid style... but there's just no reason to bother learning new moves unless you're playing for the PvP.

    So ol' Musk is calling people pedo's and having a whinge because no one liked his submarine.

      How to lose any good will 101 by throwing out a needless pedo claim.

        And it wasn't a one off either. He followed up with comments about being sus because he moved to Thailand. I'm starting to think musk is an entitled brat who cries when ever he doesn't get his way.

    The Zwuggels - Beach Holidays is a cool game.
    You may now return to your regular scheduled programming

    Ahoy friends! Long time no post!

    I write to you on the behalf of our old friend @welbot !

    Even though he completely objected against it, i insisted anyway!

    Our friend is out of hospital, and through the wonders of some temporary patching, his headaches should subside!

    Alas, this is only a temporary fix, and he will require one more OP to get to the finish line, and back to a normal line.

    To get to the point, how quickly he can get this operation depends on how quickly he can get some scans done. Which require funds presently unavailable due to not being able to work.

    I'm hoping anyone able to can assist with whatever contribution they can to get him to the required $450.

    His paypal link is

    More people should play Hunt Showdown. That game is woefully underrated.

      Online only battle royale isn't really my thing

    Ok I occasionally use edge in win10 and after the latest update all the fonts are tiny. Some are so small they're barely readable. I questioned it on the Microsoft forums and was told sorry nothing you can do as you can't change don't size in edge or win10 and some crap about out happens to slower systems. It seems to only effect edge though and I hardly see reducing the font size alone fixing any performance issue. Interestingly out of my 2 Pc's it has only happened on one of them.
    Any one else had this issue?

    Oh my god, being 30 sucks. Two months after turning thirty I have been bombarded with health issues.
    March I had a stomach infection.
    April I had low iron due to eating mostly rice because of the stomach infection.
    May I had picked up a virus
    June I caught the flu despite having a flu injection
    July toothache after a filling.

      Oh, good. I turn 30 in a few months. Guess this is my life now. :P

        You saw it got worse =P Ended up in hospital and stuff

      I feel like at some point there is meant to be a moment where I am like "oh shit, I am an adult now" mentally, but my body is ready to retire.

        I hit that moment when my brother moved back home. Mum and I are in house maids for him. -_-

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