The Art Of Hand Of Fate 2

Image: Emma Koch/Chris Webb/Hand of Fate 2

It's always a good day when we get to feature the work of Australian games and artists, and an even better one when the game in question happens to be Hand of Fate 2.

This story originally appeared in November 2017, and has been republished to coincide with Hand of Fate 2's Nintendo Switch launch.

We've spoken at length about the Brisbane-made Hand of Fate 2 already, and for good reason: it's a good sequel for what was a very good game. It's been received warmly by pundits as well, which is always a bonus for any Australian project.

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Hand of Fate was always a little special, a little different. And the good news? Hand of Fate 2 has that exact same quality, nailing almost everything it does except for one crucial piece of its unusual puzzle.

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Hand Of Fate 2, As Told By Steam Reviews

Aussie games don't get highlighted on Steam that often, so when they do, it's nice to see that they're received well.

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But today we're focusing on the game's art, specifically the works of Nick Smith, Emma Koch, Chris Webb, Jesse Gillespie, Jonathan Chua, John Eyre and John McGuire.

There's also a fun little bonus in McGuire's art. Defiant had to create a separate set of enemies so Hand of Fate 2 could gain the approval of China's Ministry of Culture, resulting in a bunch of tree creatures that Western players haven't encountered. I'm told they'll be introduced to non-Chinese territories at a later date, though, but you can get your first look at them here.

Nick Smith

All images: Nick Smith / Defiant Development / Hand of Fate 2

Jonathan Chua

All images: Jonathan Chua / Defiant Development / Hand of Fate 2

John McGuire

All images: John McGuire / Defiant Development / Hand of Fate 2

John Eyre

All images: John Eyre / Defiant Development / Hand of Fate 2

Jesse Gillespie

All images: Jesse Gillespie/Defiant Development/Hand of Fate 2

Emma Koch and Chris Webb

All images: Emma Koch / Chris Webb / Defiant Development / Hand of Fate 2

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    Loving the hell out of this game. One thing I wish was more options for hair for both male and female characters. I get that the developers wanted a certain look, but I'd love something other than six different mohawk-like options.

    Also loving the sequel for so many reasons! Probably my only gripe so far is that on PS4 that transition between game board and battle takes a little too long, particularly with how often you are switching between them.

    Glad I held off playing this so that I can get into it on switch. :)

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