The Biggest Mecha Model Ever Created

Sega teamed up with Kotobukiya to create an enormous one-one scale Border Break mecha plastic model.

Inside reports that the parts are currently on their runners at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, but over the next, they will be taken out with the aim of making an actual one-to-one scale Border Break model.

Kotobukiya crafted each part out of Styrol resin, and they are designed to fit together as an actual Border Break mecha. According to Kotobukiya, this is the largest puramoderu (plastic model) in history!


    Madness. I hope they've got some really really big nippers to cut it all out

    Oh god the grain of sandpaper you're gonna need to remove THOSE mold lines...

      Nevermind that can u imagine how much texta u will need to go over the seam lines?

    looking forward to an update on construction. this looks really cool.

    Gonna be a bitch putting the decals on and getting them to line up properly.

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