The First Trailer For Castlevania's Second Season Envisions Dracula's Ultimate Revenge

Alucard, wrecking house. (GIF: Netflix)

The first season of Netflix's Castlevania anime adaptation, led by Warren Ellis and Adi Shankar, was one of the best surprises of last year. Now, it's gearing up to return and visit Dracula's bloody vengeance upon the Earth.

The first trailer, courtesy of Adi Shankar himself, doubles down on the menace and the stylised cool of the truncated first season. We've got Alucard's effortless bishonen heroism, monsters and disaster scenes straight out of gothic horror and cute nods to the game just about everywhere (that's a nice-looking new whip there, Trevor!).

And behind it all is Dracula, with his vengeance looming and the introduction of his generals, eager to visit his horrible will upon the human race.

Check it out below. Castlevania returns to Netflix for its second season on October 26.


    lets hope there are more than 4 episodes

      It’s 8 episodes.

        so happy to hear this.
        4 episodes had me longing for more big time.

    Now this looks more what I was hoping the series would be like. The use of the subtle Sweet Dreams riff underpinning it all was a nice touch too. My enthusiasm level has gone from "When I'm bored" to "When it comes out".

    As a fan of Hellsing though I disagree with the "Only a monster can kill a monster" statement. Everyone knows only a man can kill a monster. When he's not being a miserable pile of secrets that is.

      Ah hellsing was so good. Saw the first anime adaption when it came out and was super annoyed that it pulled a beserk and just stopped as it was getting interesting.

      Ultimate was ok, had some ups and some downs.

    Oh hell yeah. Need me my zombie jesus saviour.

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