Here's A Gorgeous Puzzler For The Switch (That's Also Aussie Made)

Anyone who rocked up to PAX Australia last year might have gotten a sneak peek at one of the prettiest games on the show floor: The Gardens Between, an adventure puzzler that's being made by The Voxel Agents in Melbourne.

Good news: it's coming out next quarter. Better news: it's coming to the Switch.

The game's release date hasn't been a secret or anything, but confirmation of the simultaneous release on Switch only went out this morning. It's the perfect kind of game for the hybrid console too: you control two friends as they work their way through various gardens, winding time back and forth Braid-style to solve various problems.

The Gardens Between wasn't demoed on the Switch at PAX Australia, but the Switch version will be playable at Gamescom this year. (Tegan and I were supposed to play it in our post-PAX indie stream, but there was an issue with getting a key on the day and we couldn't check it out.)


    Fantastic! Been a Voxel fan for a while now, this will be a day one purchase for sure on Switch.

    Regardless of where it was made, this is looking like a great game to play.

    The Switch really does need more "first-time" games as (while still good in quality) the number of ports on the Switch is going to catch up and haunt the platform.

    SOLD! To the big nerd who likes pretty colours and whimsy!

    I played it at Pax and watched others play it too. Moving and exploring what will happen and using that to solve the puzzle is such a great idea. Can't wait to play it

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