The Internet Reacts To DJ Khaled's Underwhelming Overwatch League Concert

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Stringer, Getty Images

DJ Khaled performed at this weekend’s Overwatch League Finals. The fans were not having it, not even when he yelled “Overwatch me!”

Fans who gathered at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center this weekend to watch the Overwatch League’s Philly Fusion and London Spitfire duke it out in the League Finals were also graced by the musical stylings of DJ Khaled.

They didn’t seem to be that into him. Then again, it wasn’t clear if he was that into Overwatch.

For those who don’t know who Khaled is, he’s the producer who treated us all to the inspired idea of just taking the fantastic instrumental from Santana’s “Maria Maria” and replacing the Product G&B’s vocals with Rihanna.

Is it smart, thoughtful music? No. But I am not going to argue with Rihanna saying “I know you wanna get me nakey nakey naked.”

As a producer, Khaled relies on a multitude of guest verses and features to make his music pop. He did not have those when he performed at the Overwatch League Finals.

Even if he did, I’m not sure the people there to watch esports would have been receptive to him. Sure he’s a big name, but he did not seem to know what the event he was performing at was all about, and had a hard time connecting with his audience.

Gaze upon Khaled attempting to get the audience to put their hands in the air:

Fans also took issue with his attempt at dancing:

This was a severe mismatch between performer and audience. At least the rest of us can get some good jokes out of it.


    Heads up on the NSFW video embedded. But I aint complaining :p

    Should have just hired a Lucio impersonator or some cover band. My most recent friends wedding had a duo with violin and acoustic guitar. They just walked around the field playing Disney and game covers (no vocals) and it was pretty great.

    Play to you're audience blizzard

    Imagine being in that audience and hearing... ANOTHER ONE!

    idk i feel for the guy just as much as the crowd really. it's a severe miss match between crowd and performed but hes trying his best to put on a show that hes been paid to do.

    Blizzard should have used their brains on this one and hired someone else.

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