The New Halo Arcade Game Hits Australia Next Week

Earlier this year Microsoft announced Halo: Fireteam Raven, a spin-off of the Halo series that was coming to arcades. As of next week, you'll be able to play it in Australia.

The cabinet will be playable in Timezone Macquarie Park (NSW) as of next Wednesday, with Timezone stores in Perth, the Gold Coast and Melbourne getting Fireteam Raven arcades in August.

As a refresher, Fireteam Raven is a lightgun shooter for four people. It takes place in one of those giant enclosed cabinets, with a 130-inch widescreen. You can even sync your arcade progress to your Halo account through a QRC code on your phone, which is neat.

Here's a shot of the cabinet itself:

And some of the environments look nice enough:

All images: Supplied

I'll be checking out the cabinet next week, and will report back. (Hopefully the cabinet isn't segmented off from Timezone's all-you-can-play 30/60 minute deal.) For more info, head to the official Timezone Australia Facebook page here.


    Finally a new HALO game with multiplayer on split-screen.

    Now make a home version of a new HALO with split screen play and I might buy an X-Bone.

    Last edited 20/07/18 2:12 pm

      just buy 4 consoles and 4 tv's and 4 subscriptions and 4 copies of the game, duh!

    For the love of god I hate arcade games that do this whole having turret like guns with giant stupid crosshairs on the screen. Why not just have miniature MA5B's as light guns with ironsights instead?

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