The Next Evangelion Movie Will Be Out In 2020

The Next Evangelion Movie Will Be Out In 2020
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The years-in-the-making Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 finally has a release year. The movie is slated for 2020 in Japan.

Currently, the movie does not have an international release date.

The release date was announced during movie previews starting yesterday, including the previews before Mamoru Hosoda’s new feature Mirai of the Future.

Here is some artwork for the eagerly awaited anime.

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 is slated to the fourth and last entry in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, the third entry, was released in 2012.

The upcoming entry was supposed to be out sooner, but Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno got busy with his live-action Godzilla movie — something for which he apologised.


  • I watched the original series on SBS many many years ago and absolutely loved it. But haven’t kept up with all these additions and such.

    Can someone give me a run down on how to watch it these days?

    • Best way to watch currently is to get a BluRay copy of the original series.

      Then get the movie End of Evangelion – an alternate ending to the series instead of the extremely introspective episodes 25 & 26 which are too alienating. It’s still just as weird and confusing, but at least there’s action.

      Then watch Shin Godzilla. It’s the best godzilla movie, with lots of board meetings and Godzilla has Evangelion angel powers.

      Then, when it’s close enough to 2020, start watching the first 3 rebuild movies. They detour from the original story (only minor changes to the 1st movie, but completely different by the 3rd) and have some nice animation. But if you watch now it’ll only give you eva-blue balls waiting for the final installment.

  • Okay. So I love evangelion. Always have. But the films, man, they just go nuts. The first is pretty good, the 2nd, ok but the 3rd? far out I want to see the EVAs fight, not see someone learn to play piano.

    Not joking, that’s a major plot arc.

    Not a great film. The original series will always be my favourite. Always.

    • To be fair, the mecha stuff was always a veneer on top of the underlying core of Evangelion, psychological philosophy. The original episodes 25/26 lay that quite bare, and the Kaoru/piano stuff in 3.33 are more along that vein than the mecha vein. I quite enjoyed 3.33 personally.

      • Agreed here Zombie, the Mecha in Evangelion were there to exaggerate and emphasize the psychological and “coming of age” aspects of the show, it was never really about robots fighting at all really.

        When i first watched 3.0 I still felt a little lost about it afterwards, it really does feel like an incomplete part of the story (which it is) that lacks a bit of punch to its climax, though thats probably because it was supposed to be followed up by 4.0 shortly afterwards.
        Watching it a few times since I’ve grown to really like it though, I remember warning a friend of mine it was a bit of a dud to end on with no final movie in sight, only to thoroughly enjoy the rewatch a few years back.

        • The real problem with 3.0 is that it throws out most of the plot development from the first two movies. Also, it turns most of the non-Shinji characters into massive arseholes.

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