This Animated Short Puts Some Samurai Jack In The Witcher

Geralt and Jack aren't incredibly alike, but this mashup really works.

Geralt, preparing for a hunt. Image: Screenshot via YouTube channel mashed.

Directed by Jason Dewey and Liam KcKeown, with animation by Liam McKeown, "SAMURAI WITCHER: Geralt vs. The Griffin" is a combination of the violent drama of The Witcher and the deliberate artistry of Genddy Tartakovsky.

In it, the Witcher Geralt prepares for, and fights, a nasty Griffin in a manner similar to the way players do so in an early quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

And, boy, does this combination pop. The careful, calm preparations for the hunt - the use of bait and chemical concoctions - fits perfectly with the slow precision of Samurai Jack's house style, and the swordplay is brilliant. Be warned, it gets a bit, uh, bloody, but I suppose that's Geralt's way.

I know that we already have an upcoming Witcher live-action TV series, but... could we just do this instead? I would much like more of this, please. Watch it below.



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