This Book About The Anatomy Of DC Heroes And Villains Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

This Book About The Anatomy Of DC Heroes And Villains Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

Ever wanted to know what the inside of Superman’s eyeball looks like? Well, now you do, in stunningly beautiful detail.

Coming this September, Anatomy of a Metahuman is a DC Comics reference book filled with comic-book science about just how the superpowers of DC’s greatest heroes and villains actually work.

Cover art for Anatomy of a Metahuman, featuring the Vitruvian Superman. (Image: Ming Doyle, Insight Editions)

Written by S.D. Perry and Matthew Manning and published by Insight Editions, the book will have an extensive set of chapters covering members of the Justice League such as Superman and Aquaman, all the way to the biggest villains of the multiverse such as Darkseid and Doomsday.

The beautiful yet slightly-disconcerting anatomical artwork will be provided by Ming Doyle, who took to Twitter yesterday to reveal a few amazing looking interior pages from the book:

As intriguing as this book already is — simply as an art book alone — what makes it extra delightful beyond Doyle’s beautiful illustrations is that Anatomy of a Metahuman is actually presented as an in-universe text, with insights (and presumably the illustrations) coming from none other than Bruce Wayne himself.

I just love the idea of Batman not only having dossiers on all his friends and foes tucked away, but also just deciding to illustrate himself an entire, hugely detailed anatomical book in his spare time to boot. That’s the Dark Knight for you!

Anatomy of a Metahuman is due out this September.


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