This Hero Shot A ’90s Themed Car Show With A Game Boy Camera

Image: DeLorean! Paulo Acoba, Tire Meets Road

A fortnight ago Radwood 2018 took place. It isn’t particularly well known here in Australia, but boy should it be. It’s a car show that celebrates 80s and 90s automotives and has a dress code to match.

It’s awesome.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, some deadset legend comes along with their Game Boy Camera.

Image: Paulo Acoba, Tire Meets Road

The legend in question is auto journalist Paulo Acoba, the editor of Tire Meets Road. He wrote about his exploits over on the site, and the pics are a blast from the past.

While he also equipped himself with A Nikon D3100, he took along a Game Boy Advance SP and a 1998 Gameboy Camera to capture the show in true 90s niche style. It seems rather fitting for a show that showcases cars built between January 1, 1980 and December 31, 1999.

And while the .016 megapixel photos are a lot of fun, what I really appreciated about Acoba’s article is that he delves into the tech like it is any regular piece of kit — including battery life, storage and transferring solutions.

This was a really cool way to approach a themed car show, and I highly recommend you check out all of the photos he took.

Image: Paulo Acoba, Tire Meets Road

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