This Kirby Gan, Oh Goodness

Kirby is freaky with scary feet! And with this official fan, this pink character goes from suck to blow.

A handful of Kirby arcade redemption prizes for Japan was recently announced, including this Kirby fan.

It's terrifying.


    Spelling error in the title, three sentences.

    I mean, why even bother? Trash-tier article.

      Yet you decided to:

      A: Click on the article
      B: Comment on the article having a sook.

      But you are right. You shouldnt even bother. Your comment is evident of that.

    Wanna be a Kotaku contributor kids?
    Well now you gan!
    Just post articles based on either A) You’re cosplay masturbatory archive, or B) Reaggregated tweets from Japanese people!

    There’s no limits to the depths you gan lower the site to!

      Relax, man. Not every article is for everyone, I actually really enjoy the Japanese articles Brian posts. It's not like this one needs any text to begin with, the picture speaks for itself.

        I’m relaxed man. I’m just also somewhat amazed at the lack of attention to detail that passes. If you think I’m being too cuntish in my delivery, I’ll take it onboard.

          It just sucks that these articles always seem to attract hypercriticism. Nobody likes seeing something you enjoy being shit on.

            I did use to feel the same way. Remember the twist without William trying the first season of West World?
            That’s what’s become of me.

            Its a small group of resident morons who like to circlejerk each other in their criticism of anything and everything on this site. They love to hate everything. It gives their shallow lives meaning.


      If you dislike the content on this site why dont you go somewhere else?

      Your comment serves no purpose other than you to be a s**thead. There is a door, Perhaps you should walk through it and never come back.

        I actually like and appreciate this content.
        I just wish it was proofread and at the very least free of typos in the geadline.

    What a great gan in the form of Kirby. I wonder how I gan purchase one so it gan be apart of my collection.

    Ha. It looks so bad, yet I kind of want one. Drop a bit of confetti in the back and you've got a whole lot of magic going on.

    Also, I'm really glad that getting upset about a single letter substitution in an article title isn't anywhere on my board. Good on you if that's your kind of thing. But wow, I'm happy to not be there.

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