Thor: Ragnarok Gets A Perfect Anime Intro

Thor: Ragnarok Gets A Perfect Anime Intro

Thor: Ragnarok is not anime, it’s a live-action comic book movie. But let’s just pretend, for a second, that it is anime. And that this is it’s intro.

[Video by no name Animation]


    • Ma-I-Te-e.So-o
      Ba-To-Ru Ro-I-Ya-Ru?

      I feel like So-o could have been translated better? So-Ru?

      • Ma i ti . So-
        Ba to ru | ro i ya ru.

        The dash after a letter is lengthening the sound, it’s usually written out with an extra letter or I believe an accent but ultimately it’s just a sign to drag the sound out, as far as I’m aware. O in Japanese is read in rhyme with the O in Rob, so it’d be So-.

        So-ru puts too much emphasis on the end, in my opinion, if I was to write out Toll, for example, it’d be To-ru, so you can see what I mean.

  • It’s good cuz it really guides your eyes naturally from scene to scene MOST of the time. Not perfect though, as some scenes don’t fit the format (imo)

  • A perfect excuse to use Ryuusei no Bifrost as the opening theme, skipped!

    Pretty good nonetheless.

  • It’s basically just random clips and doesn’t sync with the music well at all.

      • No, a good anime intro often has those shots specifically crafted for the intro itself, deliberately synced to the music and everything. They’ll bring in a separate animation director to do just the opening sometimes. Even with low budget stuff they usually put a lot of work into the opening.

        This is just random clips set to music.

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