Warframe Is Coming To The Switch

Warframe is coming to the Switch, according to a new trailer released at this year's TennoCon.

The new trailer specifically highlights a co-op mode, although there are no details on how that works. There's no release date, however.

The game is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, although it's worth noting that you can't transfer accounts between platforms.


    Was super excited for this, always wanted to get into Warframe, but the realisation you can't use your account cross platform diminishes my excitement severely. =(

    Will like get going on Switch so I can choose handheld or docked at least, but wish I could swap between Xbone/PC/Switch.

    Still good news either way, and I would assume given the age of the game it should run quite well on Switch.

      Had the same issue with PS4/Xbone version - no crossplay is one thing, but no account portability is worse. I've got damn near a decade of grinding on my PC account, why would I abandon that for a console account? Twice?

      Also, the control system on console/gamepad is fucking garbage. I really did try to give it an honest go, but I just couldn't persist through how unintuitive it felt to bullet-jump around the levels.

        Bullet jumping I haven't had much issue with, even though it's not as easy with a controller.

        My biggest pet peeve is things like Exalted Blade.
        Usually I would swap block and melee attack so I can aim the projectiles but all the changes and additions have made remapping a pain in the arse and every time I get comfortable, there's a big update that resets my custom settings!

      The game is really well optimised these days, shouldn't be too hard to get a solid 30fps at 720, though I am interested to see how they will handle open world areas, the other base consoles tend to chug a bit in them.

    Think your article is a little miss leading and wrong. It says "the ever evolving co-op shooter" due to it being an online game. It doesn't say there is a "new co-op mode".

      The implication here - at least how I read it this morning - is something exclusive for the Switch that works with local play.

    This is pretty cool, though I doubt I could start Warframe all over again, I've sunk far too much time in to it.

      Yeah i'm in the same boat. If they had a unified account where I could play my own account on the switch, then I'd be flipping over tables in excitement. Would be great to do some long defences or survivals while on my lunch break or just bored on the bus.
      But I'm with you, I won't be starting again. Invested way to much time and money into the one account I have.

        Gonna hazard a guess that they might allow a limited-duration, one-time account migration the same way they did for the console launches.

        Still, it was shitty in that it was one-way, one-time only, and it didn't take long for your accounts to diverge into a clearly neglected backup.

          If not the upside is all the new players shouldn't struggle too much as there will be a nice day one population.

          That first scramble with your starter frame and no mods can be a bit of a shit to progress through without team mates.

    The new trailer specifically highlights a co-op mode, although there are no details on how that works.
    The new trailer is selling Warframe itself as "The ever-evolving co-op experience".
    Warframe is a free-to-play online co-op game by nature. I'm more interested in how (if?) offline will work.

      My guess is that ad hoc/lan might be supported, but will still require constant online connection to play. In a lot of countries this won't be an issue due to the amount of free wifi out there. In Australia though >.>

    Yeah, if its not cross platform with PC then forget it.

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