WarioWare's Two Favourite Things Are Classic Nintendo And Poop

This week, I’ve been playing the latest entry in Nintendo’s series of wacky compilations of seconds-long “microgames”, the first for Nintendo 3DS (and the first since 2010's WarioWare: DIY). It's out in Australia today, and I’ll have a full review next week, but for now I’m still going through all of its features.

As I do, I’ve noticed a trend. WarioWare Gold’s 300 microgames span many genres and themes, but in particular, you’ll really enjoy this game if you are a fan of either classic Nintendo games or poop.

As you play WarioWare Gold, you could...

... recreate a memorable moment from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, or...

... crack open a safe to discover a golden crap.

You could play a few seconds’ worth of Nintendo’s classic Game & Watch Manhole, or...

... try to get inside an empty toilet stall without shitting yourself.

You could float on a leaf in remembrance of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, or...

... guide a piece of food through a person’s digestive system and out the butthole.

And you could play this ridiculous mashup of Super Mario Bros. and a kaiju fighting game, or...

... tilt the system back and forth to wave folks who have to use the bathroom into separate facilities based on whether they need to do #1 or #2.

So far, WarioWare Gold is a wonderful trip down memory lane for those who enjoy Nintendo’s rich gaming history and also going to the bathroom. Fortunately I am both.

What is even going on, here?


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