We've Had Games Done Quick, Now For Games Done Slow

The two Games Done Quick events are an annual highlight of the speedrunning scene, but a new event in Australia is looking to take the opposite approach.

Great Games Done Slow will be held in September, and rather than the chaos and stress of trying to play games quickly, players will instead be “encouraged to integrate wellbeing and peaceful play into their streams, find new ways to make a classic game meditative, explore the most relaxing games out there [and] create worlds at your own pace.”

Proceeds raised from the event will be donated to CheckPoint, a charity that works to improve the mental health of those who both play and make video games.

You can get more info about GGDS at its site.

The event is a rare example of good things coming from Twitter, as it’s based on this Tweet by writer (and Kotaku contributor) Kate Grey, which as GGDS’ creation shows worked just as well as a joke as it did an actual good idea:


    Haven't we already had games done slow with Twitch plays pokemon?

    I think Funhaus recently did this. They did a 24 hour stream then donated the money to GDQ. If I'm remembering right they raised about $21000(USD).

    I'd watch this just for some Guitar Hero master tripping over Through The Fire And The Flames at 0.6 speed

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