What Moment Made You Fall In Love With Games?

Everyone has one particular moment that crystallised the magic of video games.

When I was a kid, my brother and I had a childhood friend who's family would, every so often, go on a holiday somewhere. I can't remember the reasons why, but that friend ended up staying at our house for a week or so, and as a result we all ended up in the computer room together playing one video game or another.

My dad was away at the time - he worked as a marine engineer, so he spent half of the year away at sea - and so while Mum slept, my brother, myself and this friend would just stay up late at night, whittling away through turns of Heroes of Might and Magic or Gazillionaire Deluxe.

I don't quite remember what hooked us on that weird, MS Paint-esque economy game quite so much. But more than two decades on, I can still hear the sound effect of the alien who granted you the loan for your spaceship. (They sounded a hell of a lot like Waluigi, actually.)

But there was something in those shared moments, an unspoken, quiet appreciation to see things through to the end. Maybe HOMM 3 was just that good a game. Maybe it was just nice to get to the finish line together; none of us were particularly competitive back then, although I would later find my taste for that in Counter-Strike and StarCraft.

What about yourselves, though: what moment, whether it be a story beat or something special in multiplayer, crystallised the moment that made you fall in love with video games?


    Man, I was just thinking yesterday that I could really go for a new HOMM game (ideally one that's actually good)

      Everything since five has been trash.

        You take that back!!! Oh, wait, you're right. Cancel the outcry...

        HoMM 3 was the highpoint for me though, but 4 and 5 were pretty good. Just never really played em.

          It peaked on HoMM 3, 4 was still decent just not quite as good...5 on just forget about.

            5 was passable, but it showed signs that it was starting to lose its identity.

              The few times I borrowed it and played 5, that was my takeaway as well. The guts of what made HoMM great were there, just getting dated.

              I still enjoyed it, just didn't see enough advancement to move past the earlier versions. Which told me the series had passed its peak, and probably its era as well. Which history has shown since then.

              HOMM5 was a bit better by the time they got to the 2nd expansion (that's what the game should've been at the start).

        I wish it wasn't true, but you are indeed correct. It peaked around 3-4.

    Secret of Mana on SNES. My first 100hr + game, played to death.

    The first time my mum's husband started up MW2 and that voice kicked in. I was glued instantly to the screen, everything before it had seemed sort of juvenile (yet enjoyable), but here stood something radically different.


      It's amazing how naff it is looking at it now. Back in the day that intro was amazingly badass.

      Oh i thought you meant modern warfare 2!

      Yeah this was a cool game at the time.

      oh man! right in the nostalgia organ!

    Don't know what age but went to my dad's friends house and he had a new computer. It was a Commodore 64 that ran on cassette tapes. I sat and got lost in Mother Gooses mixed up nursery rhymes for hours. Many years later when he got a newer computer that became our famalies first computer.

    Watching my uncle play Street Rod 2... the colours, the sounds... line and sinker ever since.

    Toss up between the early Wizardry games (Wiz 3 is the right era, but I remember earlier ones) or Bards Tale. Between those two, I spent plenty of time playing on my dad's Apple 2 clone.

    The game that cemented it was Ultima IV though. So somewhere in 1985, I fell in love with games. For my dad, the game that he fell in love with was Super Bunny. It wasn't a complicated game.

    Hey I remember Gazillionaire Deluxe.
    I can't actually remember the moment for me. Seems like it was always about somewhere.
    Gorg and smurfs on colcovision, dig dug on 64 or river raid on 2600.

    Shooting through Lorenzen's Soil in Earthworm Jim 2 on the PS1. First video game I ever played, I am hooked ever since.

    For me it was as a 3 or 4yr old, getting dropped off at my mum's friends house to be babysat. They had a Nintendo with mario brothers and duck hunt. Lets just say I was the easiest kid to babysit of all time, I barely even moved from 1 spot.

    It did somewhat upset my brother who was 7 or 8 at the time that his tiny little brother could kick his but at mario.

    Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

    If they made a high-res release I'd be all over it. Would love to see a re-hash on those old games with extra content added :)

      Yep. This and Street Fighter 2. Then Donkey Kong Country a yr or two later.

      Such great memories.

      Seconded for LttP. Am a bit surprised actually given the love of remakes that we haven’t had more from the Zelda catalogue - some would say a good thing for sure (as in they prefer new vs old titles), but can’t deny there’s a part of me that would jump at the chance to own/play all of the Zelda’s - modernised as required - on the switch.

      Imagine an E3 where they announced an Ocarina remake with the BotW engine?!

    Yikes. It would have to be something on the Amiga. Maybe 'Hunter'.
    The freedom to explore those islands felt crazy back then.

    Other than that, Monkey Island in 1990, LTTP in 1991, then Doom a few years later.

    Realistically though, whats amazed me is gamings ability to release something new every year which keeps me hooked.

    Definitely my SNES. That was a really great time. Before that games weren't really that much fun i thought.

    On PC, Half Life, Deus Ex and System Shock 2. Those games changed everything. So many nights i stayed up way too late playing the same levels again for the 14th time. I had such stamina for gaming at that age.

    I am clearly much older than most on here...
    Space Invaders and SI pt2 in colour.
    Bosconian - speech, can go in any direction. Ships shoots front and back.
    Oh and Elite of course!!!

      Still remember Space Invaders in ~1981. Garage in the area I moved into at the beginning of that year had a couple of arcade machines in there, that being one of them. Galaga and Gyruss got my attention, then Bubble Bobble, then plenty of others, but computer gaming was all about the RPG's for me back then.

        Gyruss is another fave!! I had the shmup bug with arcade games and got the rpg bug with the snes and playing Mana etc.

    I'd been playing video games my entire life, right from the point my Dad came home with a brand new Mac Plus and copies of Dark Castle and Airborne. I don't think there was any one moment aside from that.

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    When my bro let me take turns with him on Mario 64

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    Early on, the Atari 2600 and Amstrad got me into gaming, along with the 2 Donkey Kong split screen mobile games...
    Then the NES came along and so much time was spent on it. But the first games that really grabbed me completely were C&C and Baldur's Gate. Brilliant games that I spent so much time in

    Not one single gane that did it for me, i’d played a lot of games on my C64 & dads Amstrad growing up, but it was a combination of Championship Manager (Amiga), Civ 1 & Zelda: Link to the past i think that converted me from “oh this is cool” to losing hour upon hour. Would be awesome (read: terrifying) if somehow i could find out how many hours i’ve lost to champ/football manager & civ over the years.

    As the years have gone by i love that gaming keeps pushing the bar in ways that surprise; baldurs gate and ocarina were perhaps the next two to wow me but so many since. There’s always games each gen that just define it and prevent a miserable old git such as me from saying ‘games aren’t as good as they used to be’ - there’s certainly some questionable practices but it still truly excites me to see how far games (and especially RPG’s which are by far my favourite) can go.

    That time I first saw everything related to PC games and then everything after that! :)

    It was a friend's Atari, he had Pitfall and Frogger and a spaceship shooter, I can't remember the name... something like Scramble? We had an old Coleco-vision console that was pretty crap but the atari was awesome.

    The moment you reach Hyrule field in Ocarina of Time.

    I think playing a level of Micro Machines V3 over and over because it had traffic lights and I was pretending it was GTA in the run up to getting my PS1 for Xmas in like 97-98!

    For me it was really Halo CE, I had played games before, Age of Empires, GTA 1, Unreal Tournament 1999, Golden Eye, Mario Kart, HoMM2, NFS Porche Unleashed, mostly at other people's houses. But when we got an Xbox with Halo, Splinter Cell and Rallisport Challenge, it was the first time we'd had our own games. It wasn't just the gameplay, but the story, the lore, the music, the atmosphere, I had never before experienced anything like it. That was when I realised how important games are, they can be a film, album, novel, art book, all at once but with the extra layer of interactivity that really makes it a unique and amazing experience. More people need to game.

      Same here. I'd had a SNES with SMB and Mario Kart for a while, but never really considered gaming as being more than something to pass time when you didn't have a good book at hand. That changed when I found the PC demo for Halo: CE... I must've played that mission a hundred times... Eventually my parents caved and bought me an Xbox and Halo - I got wrapped up in the story, the music and the atmosphere... it showed me that games had the potential to rival books and movies as a medium for telling stories, and I was hooked.

    I think I've mentioned this before, but when I was around five, my cousins had a Megadrive and we'd all play games together. My favourite by a mile was Flashback.

    It was the first game I saw that was telling a deep linear story. It wasn't just get to the end of the stage, or defeat all the enemies, this game had real objectives. For the first time, I was in control of the action hero that I'd see on television. It was then that I realised that games could tell stories that no other medium could, and I was instantly hooked.

    Hero Quest, also known as Quest for Glory in the later years. I played it on a monochrome monitor, then 3 weeks later got a Amstrad 286 and played it in all of its 16 colour goodness. The beeps and boops of the PC speaker (before I got my adlib soundcard) was so immersive. Even though now I know better, it felt like the game really understood my text based inputs and I was telling my character to do things and he would respond. It was... magical.

    Toss up between the original Space Invaders or Night Driver, can't remember which one I saw first, but the other sealed the deal.


    I'm that old.

    What of it kids?

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