This No Man's Sky Guide Is For All Players, New And Old

Video: Whether you're a returning No Man's Sky player or venturing off to explore the vastness of space for the first time, here's your a helpful video guide to the galaxy to get you started.


    I am loving that NMS is getting renewed interest! This is what game "development" looks like, not just saying "hey it's done" and leaving.

      To be fair, no. Games are no different to any other end product. Once it is made they are entitled to leave it as is if determined to be 'complete', even if the audience does not. Game development is exactly that, the development of a game to be released. Not the entitlement of continuous development. Continuous development is a BONUS for us, its not what the entire industry should be about.

        But c'mon, I would like to elaborate on your comment.

        They must have realized in house that they stuffed up and decided that they needed to fix the problem, I applaud them for that, which is what my comment was pointing towards.

        Of course I agree that that yes, they are entitled to leave it as is where is and we as gamers are not entitled to any further rewards, nothing after what we have purchased, look at Mass effect 3 (ending) which the "developers" decided to patch up. Does that not show that they actually care about the franchise? ....Don't even bring Andromeda into this because I feel that EA got their grubby hands on to it before it was released.

      So game development is pushing out a barebones game, Charging $100 for it and then finishing the game later?

    Can someone give me a tl;dw of the video? I was hoping to just get a list.

      It's only three-and-a-half minutes long. Enjoy it while in bed or something :).

      Honestly, the screenshot tells you more than the video because it provides a 'before and after' comparison.

      Ignore my above comment, I linked to this from the other NMS article about the UI mod by mistake and thought you were asking about that.

    The update looks nice. But for some reason the update has broken the game on my system. Previously i could easily play at 60fps with some dips. Now the game maxxes out my CPU and barely holds at 30 fps.

    Might get it on xbox one if it goes under $50. Not paying full retail for it.

      Yeah, I think it's crunching more numbers at least, because when I hopped in very briefly on the weekend it caused my PS4 pro to do an impersonation of a jet engine exploding from stress. I got in about an hour of tooling around scrapping my obsolete shit, reorganizing my inventory, then attempting to take off, at which point the game crashed.

      I don't think the PS4p has the power to make good on their vision. Based on that...
      If you've got an xbone, I'd probably suggest you're not going to get better performance unless it's the boneX.

        Im playing in old school ps4 and had no crashes. Ive had a few laggy spots but nothing game breaking

          Interesting that you say that... it reminds me of how Bethesda handled Fallout 4 on PS4 vs PS4p.

          See, before there was 'official' support and an official pro patch, the Pro (with boost mode) ran FO4 better. Higher/more stable framerate, shorter loading times.

          Then the official pro patch rolls out, and it adds a bunch of non-optional graphics improvements, which tank the framerate back to the same performance as the oldschool PS4... but prettier.

          I'm wondering if NMS did something similar. Pro works harder not because it's focused on being smooth, but because it added graphics options. Might have to pop on after work and see if there are options to wind back some of the 'improvements' to calm down that jet engine/fan.

    Having not touched this game since August last year. This has been a great surprise. The games totally stepped up.
    Really enjoying this now.
    Not to mention captaining a fleet of frigate's just takes this game now to a new level.

    1. Start playing No Man's Sky
    2. Put hundreds of hours into it
    3. Get excited over an update
    4. Cry because the update ruined your planet and essentially your experience
    5. Watch installment after installment unfold, not going back no matter how awesome it looks because you've been hurt before
    6. Pick it up again when you know they're done with it and they won't patch/ruin your planet again

      I have a bad feeling about your point 6. When they're 'done' with it, they'll probably shut down the servers and you won't be able to play anyway.

      This is definitely me too. I have the GOG version that plays without the servers. I am definitely the anti social astronaut.

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