World Cup Player Celebrates Goal With Rude Fortnite Emote 

In the World Cup final between France and Croatia, player Antoine Griezmann celebrated in the rudest way possible: with an emote dance from Fortnite.

"Take the L" is an emote in Fortnite that truly, brutally taunts other players. As you can see in the video below, the character puts their hand up to their face in an "L" shape and then begins to kick their feet back and forth.

Take the loss, it seems to scream, because I am totally making fun of you right now.

I never would have thought that I would see that after a goal in a World Cup final, but here we are. The celebration was incurred after a penalty kick against Croatia, and it has to be said that Griezmann has the emote down pretty well.

And, of course, the gif:

Of course, that could be because he's had some practice. He did it against Argentina earlier in the tournament:

Maybe touchdown dances will return with a strong Fortnite flavour. Could we catch someone sliding into home base doing the floss dance?



      Honestly, I think he's just a moron. He's a good footballer, but a commentator in a previous match memorably (and charitably) described him as 'naïve' - i.e. dumb as a stump.

    He probably thought it was funny but it's actually pretty disrespectful.

    This is the hottest of hot takes right now.

    He's been regularly doing it for at least a year - both in league matches and international fixtures - as have many, many other players. He did it in the Europa League final. Why is this a thing Kotaku?

      Gotta hit article quotas somehow. Can only repost so many articles from the weekend.

      Hey uh Fortnite hasn't even been going for at least a year. Let alone that particular emote. :)

    I watch a lot of football. And this celebration came off as increadibly douchey and childish. Kind of thing id expect from a 12 year old or neymar. Not a grown man.

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