4-Year-Old And 6-Year-Old Make Their Own 2D Shooter

4-Year-Old And 6-Year-Old Make Their Own 2D Shooter

Mega Awesome Battle Arena is the kind of game that, on the surface, looks like it was made by kids. And that’s because it was: a 4-year-old and 6-year-old, to be exact.

Cooper and Jaxon, sons of one of the developers at Code Jax Studios, had a dream of making a game of their own. The pair created everything by hand – coloured pencils and paper – and went through the process of learning how to animate and import all of those images.

Chris Poulter, who got in touch about the game, said the studio put together a small video of their journey as a way of helping inspire others to do the same.

“We thought it might be of interest as we want to keep inspiring kids to get into game development and let them know about the different jobs you can do (programming, designer, artist etc) but also that you can do those jobs at a young age, even 4 years old,” Poulter told Kotaku by email.

The trailer below is a little rudimentary, so you’ll need some patience, but it’s sweet to see the scrappy sketches brought to life with animations and some basic effects.

It’s not a game that’s going to set the world alight, but it’s an important journey for kids to see a project through to fruition. The process of shipping will also provide lots of valuable lessons, not only in terms of supporting a product on the internet, but also dealing with online platforms.

Cooper & Jaxons Mega Awesome Battle Arena will ship on Steam this October. 90% of the profits earned will go into a bank account for the pair for when they turn 18, with 10% going to a charity of their choice.


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