A Game About A Stoner Koala Detective

A Game About A Stoner Koala Detective

Available later this year, STONE is a game about a detective. Who’s a koala. That’s seemingly baked all the time.

Described as “a Hip Hop stoner noir” game, the main character – who walks around everywhere in neon thongs, because sure – gets a call about never being able to see their lover again.

The lover is Alex. Alex is a chookie.

I honestly can’t put any more of it into words. Just watch the trailer.

“G’day I’m Stone,” the Steam page reads. “Play this interactive story and see what happened. Yeah it was rough, but a good life lesson. Enjoy and remember don’t do this at home ya bunch of crazy animals. By the way this story really isn’t going to be for everyone. So enter at your own risk mate.”

Most Australian game of 2018.

Update: Corrected above to reflect that Alex is the main character’s lover, not son. My bad.


  • Search visibility in Steam needs some work. It doesn’t currently appear on the first page when searching by title.

  • Man, the old myth (which you know, isn’t true but whatevs) is that they get stoned by eating eucalyptus leaves. Personally, I would’ve run with that and had him rolling his ciggies out of eucalyptus leaves instead of weed.

    I hope that’s what they do anyhow…

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