A Ton Of New Indie Games Are Heading To Switch Soon

A Ton Of New Indie Games Are Heading To Switch Soon

Bastion, Superbrothers, and Towerfall are all coming to Switch in the next few months, and the phenomenal strategy game Into the Breach is – wait for it – out today. Those are just a few of the games Nintendo showed off during a brief indie showcase this morning.

Here’s the full list of release dates and announcements:

  • Hyperlight Drifter comes to Switch on September 6

  • Towerfall comes to Switch on September 27

  • Treasure Stack comes to Switch this summer

  • The bizarre arcade game Zarvot comes to Switch in October

  • The adorable Mineko’s Night Market comes to Switch in early 2019

  • Samurai Gunn 2 also comes to Switch in early 2019

  • Co-op Contra-style run and gun action game Bullet Age is out November 2018

  • The World Next Door, a narrative adventure game, hits Switch in early 2019

  • Levelhead, a platformer where you make your own levels and play other people’s, hits Switch in November 2018

  • King of the Hat, a hat-based party game where characters try to knock one another’s hats off, is coming early 2019

  • Untitled Goose Game, “part stealth, part standbox, and all goose simulator,” also out early next year

And some quickfire release dates:

  • Desert Child – December 2018

  • Wasteland 2 – September 13

  • Bastion – September 13

  • The Messenger – August 30 [I’ve played most of this game and it’s excellent – more to come later in the week.]

  • Undertale – September 18

  • Jackbox Party Pack 5 – October 2018

  • Transistor – November 2018

  • Dragon: Marked for Death – December 13

  • Light Fingers – September 20

  • Superbrothers – October 2018

  • Into the Breach – out today

You can watch the whole thing here:


  • So much for the Switch not having enough games – i know a lot of these have released elsewhere but some of these I’d just never get around to playing on PC/PS/Xbox so this is great news!

    Anyone else finding that over time these indie showcases are actually becoming more exciting than the AAA stuff? When a AAA gets it right (cyberpunk looks incredible!) then nothing beats it, but otherwise a lot of the games seem generic/iterative/something i’ve played before & you have to decide how far up the egregious scale the MT’s/lootboxes/dlc rank before even getting to how good the game may be! Indies on the other hand seem to be going from strength to strength and are now way beyond decent timesinks – totally ok with this.

    Came in hoping for Pyre (not sure it’ll happen as maybe PS locked?) but leaving happy with Into the Breach & that Undertale has an imminent release date!

    • To be fair, the indie market has it’s own problems with same-y titles. Probably even more-so given how accessible it is over AAA development. For every “Cool”, there’s always going to be a number of “Not another indie Metroidvania/platformer/survival crafting/RPG Maker asset flip/Zelda clone/2D Souls-like/genre du jour title”.

      • True that & a good point, same as anything, once something does well there will be plenty that aim to replicate it – same for AAA or indie.

        I guess what I mean more is that away from the usually impressive first party titles from Sony/Nintendo that a lot of the third-party AAA stuff leaves me cold or indifferent as it feels a little deja-vu. Same is certainly true with Indies, but lower dev costs/easier to takes risks/whatever means that although there are clones/duplicates everywhere and an admitted clutch of shovelware, there is also a lot of diversity/experimentation/rejuvenation in gameplay/genres/mechanics that a lot of the bug publishers are either not interested/too afraid to risk.

        Reading that back & i’m not sure i’m articulating my point any better second time around – hopefully it makes sense! 🙁

        • No I get you now. Indies are somewhat more financially agile and are have more freedom to experiment with new ideas and game design whereas AAA companies are more risk averse and tend to only go with what they know will sell because they have stakeholders to appease and all that.

  • Argh. I just want a suite of new indies that I don’t already own on PC/PS4 and would have to re-buy at prices inflated to more than I paid on either of those platforms anywhere up to 5yrs ago when they were first released.

    • The Switch is pretty much playing catch up to the greatest indies of the latest 5 years, but there are already indies coming out for PC and Switch simultaneously. I have no doubt that 2019 will see every major indie getting a dual release or at least a Switch port within months. The console has proven itself as the platform of choice for indies.

  • It would be interesting to see an analysis of what “indie” titles have done for the Switch (and vice versa). They are a major sales force for the platform despite the fact that most are ports of existing titles that people most likely already own. They are also a larger presence on the store than AAA and more importantly first party titles. I’d hazard a guess that if the indie market wasn’t there the Switch would have been in a very different position by now.

    We hear stories of titles doing tens of times better on Switch but I wonder how long that’s going to last. The store is starting to get crowded and discoverability is still a huge issue on the eShop so I imagine those titles that have thrived because they don’t have to compete with tens of thousands of other titles like on Steam may start facing a similar struggle as the Switch’s popularity starts working against them.

    • Be very interested in that myself. I don’t imagine for an instant that many people have purchased a switch based on indie support alone, but what i’ve found for me is that it keeps me using the system in between the big releases almost constantly & sways me towards purchasing the majority of multi-plat titles there regardless of fidelity etc.

      Agree that the store is just starting to become what i’d call cluttered – i take big advantage of the wishlist to help with visibility but it’s not exactly easy to find in of itself, and when so many titles are released weekly it’s only going to get harder to stand out amongst the crowd (be interested if Nintendo do curation for quality too?).

    • That’s not true in my case. I only have hollow knight and dead cells but i NEVER would have bought those games if i didn’t have a switch.

      I really like the console but there’s not much to play on it except for indies right now, and the price is appealing enough to take a risk, whereas on PC/PS4 i’d just keep saving for something bigger.

      • See I’m the other way around. My PC and PS4 tend to be for indies because of the frequent sales and because they are the machines I use most while the Switch tends to sit around waiting for those big titles. Like Monster Hunter XX/Generations this week. That said, I’m kind of swaying towards making it my JRPG machine with Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition and Disgaea 1 Complete coming out later this year. Probably go with PS4 for Valkyria Chronicles 4 though.

        • Haha. We’re like exact opposites. I tend to get first party stuff on switch on cartridge, because I don’t want to grow old waiting for nintendo to NEVER put them on sale (yes i did grab zelda at the last sale and sold my cartridge, that was a deal and I was really surprised to see it go on sale).

          Whereas PC and PS4 have so many great sales that if you’re happy to wait it out, you can pick up anything for less than $30 at somepoint. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first party nintendo game drop below $50 and that’s after years of being sold at absolute full price.

          Hence why I’m now buying some indies. There’s nothing else I can remotely afford on their store. No way am I paying $90 for a game. No way. I might do that once every 4-5 years for something really big but it’s definitely not a regular occurrence.

  • I just bought Into the Breach, I will also buy Bastion and Transitor again (never actually played on Steam despite buying them lol…) With the Western AAA landscape currently focused on “how to deliver games as services fairly (ie in game transactions that aren’t predatory)”, not having those titles on Switch isn’t that much of a loss imo

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