An RTS About Building Your Own Cult

The oldschool RTS doesn't pop up that often these days, so it's nice to see developers still trying modern spins on the formula.

Re-Legion, scheduled for release later this year, is an RTS with an interesting resource: people. You play as Elion, who starts out as a lowly prophet and rises up to become the leader of a cult.

People act as the limited third resource in Re-Legion, so it'll be fun to see how that plays out in practice. There's a neat cyberpunk aesthetic as well, and the UI isn't overly cluttered while still having that familiar, command card in the bottom corner.

Re-Legion is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2018. It's playable at Gamescom this week as well, so if I've got some spare time I might wander by and check it out.


    I remember playing this game, except I was a hi-tech secret agent attracting followers with a Persuadertron.

      Man, Syndicate was so ahead of its time that even now in 2018 it is still getting spiritual successors and clones.

      I am not upset by this.

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