Anime Characters That Have Changed

Just as manga characters change and evolve, anime characters do the same. Maybe it’s because artistic styles come in and out of fashion or due to the visions of different studios or directors. Whatever the reason, they change.

Twitter user Billy Morgan recently catalogued some of the years. The time that they cover varies. For example, the above GeGeGe no Kitaro comparison spans decades, while the Gintama images are separated only by a few years.

Other Twitter users replied with comparisons of their own.

Feel free to add any other character evolutions in the comments below.


    Popular art styles change over time in artistic medium. News at 11.

    Is this about character that changed over their anime run? Because gintama's at least a decade going now. If you want to look at a shorter run, look at my hero academia. Deku just after his training montage in the opening episodes is so different to the Deku in the later seasons. Got beefier, more muscle definition, scarring etc.

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    Isn't this just the usual difference between Gintoki's "nonchalant" and "serious" face? The whole point of the character is that he has these two faces, one of which is a mask. You could see a similar difference of styles in Rurouni Kenshin in a single episode.

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