Australia Gets Aquaman A Fortnight Early

Australia Gets Aquaman A Fortnight Early

Sometimes Australia, the country that used to famously get Pixar movies three months later than the rest of the world, catches a break.

Eagle-eyed Aquaman fans spotted as much over on Reddit, noticing that the launch date for what might finally be a decent DC film had been bumped up by a fortnight. The film was originally scheduled to launch on Boxing Day locally, as can be seen from IMDB’s release dates below.

However, awhite14 noted that Event Cinemas are now reporting that Aquaman will launch on the same day as the upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse film. And that’s confirmed by a cursory glance at the Event Cinemas website:

Given that Aquaman also launches on December 14 in the US – which is December 15 our time – it means that keen fans should, at the very least, be able to enjoy the film before the internet does its thing and spoil the lot for all of us. Hooray! It’s nice to be part of the civilised world sometimes.


  • …for what might finally be a decent DC film…

    What happened to Wonder Woman being that film? Has the hype around it worn off that much?

      • I didn’t think the hype was worth it myself (as you say, there was 2/3rds of a good movie), but at the time ALL the talk was about how amazing it was, how diverse it was, etc etc, and how it was finally a good DC movie.

        There was nothing but positives about it as a film by itself, let alone as a DC movie. Yet barely 18 months later, thats all dismissed, and its lumped into the DC movieverse dumpster fire along with BvS, JL, and SS.

        But, as @beatsbynelly says below, that may just reflect Alex’s opinion more than anything.

        • To me the biggest and best thing about WW was that they got the tone of the character pretty much spot on. I didn’t really feel like there were any missteps that made me think “nope that’s not really WW” when I was watching it. I can forgive the Captain America: First Avenger style ending because of that.

          In contrast Man of Steel makes the most iconic, pure “good” hero into an emo wreck. I loved the spectacle and the finale of MoS, but it was little moments like him smashing the hell out of an obnoxious truckers semi-trailer that made me dislike it.

          Similarly BvS has supposedly one of the smartest people in the DCU (Batman) fail to use his brain to see through a blatantly obvious scheme from Luthor. Not to mention turning him into a murderous thug who kills a whole heap of people (bad guys or not).

          As for SS, I didn’t mind it mostly because it’s bit characters that I don’t have a lot of experience with. So I can’t really say that one bothered me too much. And JL I thought they nailed the characters of WW, Supes, BM and Cyborg. It was only Flash and Aquaman that were a little bit too “comedy sidekick” for my liking.

          • Realised after I hit submit I’d left MoS out, but that’s on the dumpster fire in most peoples eyes. Main point was, the article seems to be putting WW on the fire as well, which is so counter to its reception last year.

            I didn’t like the London scenes or the ending, but didn’t hate them either. Their lack of quality dropped it from being a great movie to just a good one for me. But still good, not dumpster fire. The movie shone in the opening and No Mans Land scenes though.

            I don’t think any of the DC movies really deserve the negativity they got though. They aren’t Avengers level events by any stretch, but neither are they Howard the Duck.

            I liked the pettiness of Supes in MoS for example, it showed he had real personal issues like everyone out, and what happens when he gets pissed off. Supes is no longer the Clark Kent we grew up with, and he shouldn’t be.

            Batman, yeah I can see what you mean. But Lex is also meant to be a genius, so with Bats already biased against Supes, not hard to buy that Lex manipulated him. They did it badly though, and put the wrong actor in the role, which is where I thought BvS failed most. Oh, and Abomination. Less said about that the better.

            SS, I quite enjoyed, I cant understand the hate at all. Again, not an Avengers level movie, but it wasn’t far short of being Winter Soldier level quality. Treat Joker just a little better in the movie and you’re there.

            JL, good summary. I thought it was very solid Cyborg origin myself, and even the sidekick-y nature of Flash and Aquaman were fresh. It just wasn’t as coherent as it should have been, and missed the mark. I thought they were very consistent though, which is something at least. Supes hasn’t changed much since MoS, with that same pettiness being there until the end.

          • I agree with most of what you’re saying. And the no mans land scene really gets me every time I see it. I dunno why, maybe because I have a bit of a thing for war movies and I’m still haunted by All Quiet on the Western Front.

            As for Superman, the pettiness thing was so far out of character with *any* version from the comics that it really struck the wrong chord. I didn’t really have a problem with him being a bit conflicted and introspective (though he was a bit TOO that way). It was mainly the truck smashing that really broke me out of my suspension of disbelief. They could have handled that far better than him doing hundreds of thousands of dollars damage to the mans livelihood just because he’s a jerk.

            I don’t disagree that Luthor could manipulate Bats, but I feel like the scheme in the movie was too ham-fisted and it’s something that should have been seen through. Luthor obviously knew who both Bats & Supes are in their secret identities, they could have worked in something like Luthor spiking Bruce’s drink at the gala to make him more susceptible to suggestion or something.

            And yeah, the abomination aka Doomsday really wasn’t right. I really think Doomsday deserved a better introduction and send off. Considering he tore through the whole JLA in the comics his little 20 minute intro and send off feels like an afterthought. “How do we wrap up BvS? Oh, lets get them to fight someone else.”

            And yeah, overall the DC movies are doing “ok”. I’d have thought they’d have been pretty stoked at the commercial (if not critical) success of Suicide Squad. It was really DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy. ie: A team movie that features non-core characters that they were experimenting with. For a movie based mostly on characters people don’t know it did pretty well. I do think they’re disappointed that at least two of the movies weren’t billion+ blockbusters. On paper at least you’d expect both BvS and JL to be monsters at the box office. Instead they were, decent performers.

            I suspect though, that word of mouth affected sales and repeat viewing suffered because of the problems with them. I am a little surprised the JL underperformed like it did, because I’d rate it as the best DC movie after WW.

            The only problem I have with Cyborg’s origin is in the comics he was partially devoured by an inter-dimensional horror accidentally brought into our dimension by his father during an experiment. I loved that bit of Lovecraftian horror in his history and wish it had made it into the movie.

    • I went back through the tags to see what Alex’s take was on WW, it’s completely fair that he might not have liked it..

      But I can’t get more than the first page of results when I do a search or click on a tag? is this a feature or a bug? and while I’m at it will Giz turn comments back on?

      • I have this problem all the time and I’ve asked for a solution with no response.
        I just use google to find old articles on here

    • All that Wonder Woman did was have a female lead. It was one-upped by Black Panther, nobody cares about Wonder Woman any more.

  • Headline is a bit misleading, we’re not getting it a fortnight early, we’re getting it the same week the US does.
    Earlier than originally planned sure, but not actually early.

    • I was going to say the same thing. It looks to me like the worldwide release date has been bumped up a fortnight, but just Australia. A boxing day release seems stupid to me at the best of times. If you’re talking Christmas holidays then launching a week or two *before* Christmas seems ideal. That way harried parents can drop the kids off to see a movie while they do Christmas prep.

  • It’s not uncommon we get films opening at the same time as the US. With our releases being on a Thursday, we often get them a day or two before the US and a lot of the world. This has been the case with lots of big films.

    • Marvel has a nice habit of releasing movies in the US the first few days of May (or late April) but April 25 here, to coincide with ANZAC day.

      It started with Iron Man, and because that movie was so good, I think it played a big part in its spectacular (for the time) box office run, and played a massive part in establishing the MCU brand.

      That week of hype after its release here would have helped make it a lot easier to greenlight everything else after that.

      If it wasn’t for all the ‘holy crap that was good’ comments after its Aussie release, it may just as easily ended up taking half what it did and been dismissed as just another niche movie.

      • Plus it’s kind of fun when it’s just us Aussie fans discussing stuff before it gets inundated by countless other people.

        It was an interesting day or so of discussion online around The Last Jedi, because many people venturing to spoiler discussions were not accepting the overwhelming negativity. Actively attacking people criticising the film, unwilling to believe various aspects of the plot.

        • Yeah, I remember that. Was quite entertaining looking at the comments from those that had seen it versus the fan boys that hadn’t, then the very loud silence after they had.

  • Am I the only one who thinks marvel movies peaked with avengers and then they’ve all basically been the same? Iron man, ant man, Black Panther they all have similar power bases ie tech suits. Not a lot of variety. Hate DC all you want but at least their characters aren’t all basically the same thing. I hope aquaman does as well as Wonder Woman, if he can get everyone to shake this dc prejudice it would be a major win.

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