Bill Shorten Plays Mario Kart With Himself

Bill Shorten Plays Mario Kart With Himself

Image: Press-Start

It’s not even a modern Mario Kart, for the love of god.

Twitter and a few outlets, including Press Start and Pedestrian, noticed something a bit weird on Instagram lately.

Bill Shorten, as it turns out, made a trip recently to Perth. As part of the publicity tour, he stopped by a couple of local radio stations to try and appeal to the younger demographic.

So what better way to get in with the kids than playing Mario Kart? So 96FM sat Bill down at a SNES Mini, gave the Labor leader a controller, and one of Bill’s staffers popped it up as an Instagram story (which has since expired).

But something’s not right here.

You know, it wouldn’t have killed Bill to get panned at Mario Kart by the AI. Everyone else has at some stage. It’s a rite of passage.

But to fake it and wander around a track solo? That’s a bit sad.

Thanks Pedestrian, Press Start!


    • if you’re going to continually post neo-fascist burbling about unions, please ensure you give up all the holidays and other entitlements won for you by the union movements.

      • Mate, I think accusing them of being a neo-fascist is a bit rich don’t you?

        Unions have had their moments, they’ve also been absolute hot beds of corruption and have clear links with organised crime. There’s good and bad.

      • Whats funny is that the only people that use the word fascist are unionists or commies. Maybe there’s a link? News at 11.

        Seriously, chill out. Unions do good and they do “bad”. A good mate is a union rep and some of the stories he tells me are chilling. But no group should be able to hold a community to ransom just because they want something or other – even if it is really important. There are legal ways to achieve this, not by “turning off the power”, or disrupting flights.

        • What’s funny is the only people that use the word ‘commies’ are fascists.

          And the fact you don’t understand how unions work, and more to the point don’t get that in most cases it isn’t the unions holding the ‘community to ransom’ proves the point.

          ‘You shouldn’t be able to stop a business raping and killing child labourers’. That’s the way the world used to be before ‘commies’ changed it. Lose your hand in a machine? Too bad, peasant. Boss rapes your wife? Better thank him for it if you want to eat.

          While you’re insulated by a wall of privilege (largely bought for you by unions unless you inherited all your wealth) the reality is that this could come back in a heartbeat. It’s what the conservatives work for every day – the right for the wealthy to treat their labour like slaves. You can joke about it and wave it away on the internet, and maybe your personal privilege is immense enough that you wouldn’t be affected by the loss of these freedoms, but if you had half a brain you’d look outside your door and see the damage done to our society in recent decades by the erosion of worker’s rights.

          Feel free to take a look at America if you’re curious about what’s coming next.

    • Did you accidentally fall through a time hole from 1983? Complaining about unions and strikes is pretty old school. I mean, the last time I recall widespread strike action being a problem was in ’99, and even then it was pretty rare. I’m sure it was much more of a problem when Pseudo Echo was in the charts, but we’re talking like 30 years ago here…

      • It’s because News Corporation propaganda has had such an effect on society that people who weren’t even alive to see these things parrot it like gospel.

        You know, along with THE LIBERAL PARTY ARE THE BEST ECONOMIC MANAGERS (despite the gigantic mountain of evidence proving the exact opposite).

      • Are you saying Pseudo Echo was responsible for historical industrial action?
        Four Corners needs to get on to this!

    • Wait to choose? Or waiting for the choice to be settled?

      They change so far it takes more than 120 Hz to see the “current” PM.

    • If he wants to relate then he needs to take a note from Ruddy and head down to his local purveyor of nude women.

  • It’s not Bill’s fault that the other contestants stabbed each other in the back before the race started. A win is a win.

  • To give Bill his due, any gaming is really before his time. He’s at least one or two generations removed from it.

  • I feel like that picture sums up the upcoming election pretty well; it’s a one horse race and I still have NFI who will win.

  • Mushroom Cup Time Trials!!!

    Bill must be an O.G gamer.

    I spent countless hours trying to beat the world record…until I read that the NTSC consoles run faster so us Aussies could never get near the record.

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