Blizzard Customer Support Rep Has Had Enough

Imagine working customer support for a big video game company like Blizzard. Imagine all the shit you have to sort through all day, from abusive tweets to abusive emails to abusive forum comments. Some days, like today, it’s enough to make you want to say “screw it”.

Earlier tonight, Blizzard’s customer support Twitter posted this notice related to the release of the new World of WarCraft expansion:

Seems innocent enough, but it’s Twitter, so of course many of the first replies were “hurhh hurhh why isn’t something else fixed”. Tweets like this one, which was clearly the straw that broke this support rep’s back:

Get ‘em! You never see a big publisher (or, to be more accurate, the person representing them here) slip like this, but bless this rep for venting.

Dealing with people on Twitter can be like walking naked through a hailstorm, so it must have been a nice release to let a snarky reply have it for once, especially on what must have been a super-busy day for the BlizzardCS team.

PS: I now fully expect the next WoW expansion to feature a serving room behind a tavern with one dwarf and a wrench.


    This is the best thing Blizzard's put out since War Craft III

    These are like the type of people who say "Why are these police doing X when they should be doing Y!" not realizing that our police have different forces and departments who do different things. Nothing more idiotic than saying "Why aren't traffic police solving murders!"

    To be honest in the last few hours personally I've been regetting social media. at this point I'm sticking to using it only for close friends. not even aquaintances anymore. (at least as far as non anonymous communication) it's just not worth dealing with these people.

      Same. The toxicity is just crazy high. I for the LIFE of me don't know why people bother with twitter and instagram. You're just inviting hate and jealousy into your life. And ads. So, so many ads.

      I have to use FB though for family and work. Everyone's on it. I'm ruthless with pruning though. I can't unfriend ppl but I unfollow very fast when I start seeing bullshit.

      Life's just too short for bullshit but so many ppl seem to live off the stuff.

        The trick for Twitter is not using it like FB. Don't follow everybody, all your friends and family, the girl you struck a 5 minute conversation with at the bus stop, etc. DON'T do it. Use twitter only to follow people you know have quality things to say, for example, creators of stuff that you enjoy or you relate with, or people who continuously post quality comments on their tweets. Once you have curated a good number of follows, Twitter becomes like a specialised newspaper, customised for you. You'll get to hear news that are relevant to you, enjoyable content, surprisingly good humorous material, etc. and very little to no crap.

    I'm not enjoying this current trend we've been in the past couple years where we're letting even companies be passive aggressive shits to their customers.

    Sure, the person's acting poorly against them but he's operating with less information in that regard, giving him information would then allow him to reform his opinion and stance, but giving him shit just makes you seem like a bully, and it's worrying that we applaud these people too.

      giving him information would then allow him to reform his opinion and stance

      That's exactly what they did?

      Pretty sure the guy knew that Blizzard has more than one person working for them. He wasn't "misinformed" and thinking that there was only a single team of programmers. He was just being a little shit

      Yeah, so let's allow douchebag teenagers and people with sticks stimulating their posterior tunnels to complain endlessly, insultingly, disparagingly and even threateningly, and just roll over because support staff are magically different to normal humans with emotions and feelings. It's viewpoints like that which shatter others' self-confidence.

      Pretty sure if you shared your email address and got bombarded with 200+ negative emails daily and had to read each one to find out why they were sending them, your mental health would be much lower after a month.

      People are people. Respect them or get disrespected. There's no reason to treat others in the way some people online treat others.

    I'm thinking that the player was frustrated and venting and Blizzard just increased their aggression. That's not smart and that reflects very poorly on Blizzard and Activision. I hope that who ever is running that twitter is retrained in how to properly conduct themselves with their customers.

      Gamers are entitled shits. If Blizzard "increased his agression" than that person should be launched into the sun, or at the very least banned from social game playing.

      Seriously: don't pander to deadshit boys with no control over their emotions. We've got more than enough of those in this god forsaken hobby as it is.

        Amen. It's time people took a breath and chilled rather than abusing them.

        Don't get me wrong, it still shits me that even after multiple xpacs all experiencing similar issues Blizzard *still* aren't ready to deal with them. But abusing a customer support person, hell even mild abuse like in the article is futile.

        Side note: Blizzard reps make these sort of comments on a pretty regular basis. Look at comments by their moderators in the forums or their Devs when addressing complaints. You'll often see this sort of little backhander. And fair play to them. If they're addressing someone who's just being obnoxious then I say go for it.

      I'm thinking that the Blizzard Rep was just frustrated and venting and the player just increased their aggression. That's not smart and it reflects poorly on that player as a person. I hope that whoever that Twitter user is has learned to stop and think about what they say before interacting with others.

      See how this works?

    I'm liking that companies are starting to take the fight to the trolls.

    People get frustrated when things they pay for don't work as expected. Its CS job to deal with it, Not sure what the story is here

    I can't believe warcraft yelled at spongebob like that

    This is very much the age of outrage. For every person with a few followers, there is group of people with varying abilities in comprehension watching, waiting for any deviation from the language they expect. Sometimes it is righteous but there often seems to be egregious overreactions and I think a lot of are really tiring of this because covering these reactions gets clicks and that means it gets shoved in our face a lot... a very minor exchange between an unhappy individual and a correction from the rep that wasn't anything but slightly exasperated is blown up and in doing so, we might see that poor person fired - just because the language they used wasn't completely neutral.

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