By The Water's Edge

All images: Aliana Wong

Aliana Wong is an illustrator, designer and concept artist based in the United States.

Wong's work came across my feed after her work doing the art for re:treat, leon's excellent Animal Crossing cover album, which you can listen to below:

On her blog, you can find early sketches of the inspiration she was taking from Animal Crossing. "I didn't want to directly draw something out of the game but I definitely wanted the hint of it. The waterfalls would've been cool but it didn't seem appropriate for the quiet atmosphere," Wong wrote.

Her site, Instagram and Tumblr are filled with lots of other drawings and animations, some of which I've embedded below.

Wong's working on a series of stickers for cat-themed lunch boxes, due out later this month. She's also developing a series of illustrations about a boy who comes across a colony of Moon Rabbits, a bit like Alice in Wonderland meets the Chinese Moon Festival.

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