Capcom Fixes Monster Hunter World Bug That Stopped Game Starting On Older CPUs

Capcom Fixes Monster Hunter World Bug That Stopped Game Starting On Older CPUs
Image: Capcom / YouTube

Monster Hunter World‘s PC debut has been rough, with poor optimisation the biggest complaint. To top things off, the game wouldn’t even start on Intel and AMD CPUs made before 2012/2013, thanks to the use of a newer processor instruction in the title’s DRM.

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The problem has since been patched, but for a while there, if you tried to run the game on an AMD processor made prior to the Piledriver architecture (mid-2012) or an Intel chip before Haswell (mid-2013), it just wouldn’t start.

The reason why is explained in this thread on ResetEra by user “Frox”:

As the title says, the game’s implementation of Denuvo requires FMA instructions to boot up and basically screwing a potential ton of users. MHW already launched on PC on China and there’s ton of people reporting this problem.

Capcom posted about the issue on MHW Steam community hub, though it was light on details other than it being limited to “specific CPU or GPU model(s)”.

Everything is good now, going by player reports, but it’s yet another mark against Capcom on the PC platform.

At this stage, the company really needs to take a long, hard look at its PC porting strategy, because whatever approach it’s using now is not working.

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Monster Hunter World on PC won’t boot for users with CPUs that lack the FMA3 instructions (Now Fixed) [ResetEra]


    • Denuvo is a joke. Punishes paying customers. And the pirates work out how to crack it and then have it Denuvo free. smh

  • So once again, its the Devs implementation of the DRM that fucked it, rather than the DRM itself. Well done…

  • I’d still like to know why the game feels the need to run in Big Picture mode. It’d be nice if they updated the multiplayer scheme to something more this century.

    Great game, though.

    • Yeah and apparently chat doesn’t work in big picture mode at the moment? So enjoy alt+tabbing to use the normal chat window out of game.

    • So I worked out why this is happening and how to disable it. If you go into Steam settings, and look in the In-Game settings, there’s an option called ‘Use the Big Picture overlay when using a Steam Input enabled controller from the desktop’.

      Disable this, and MHW will go back to using the normal Steam overlay.

  • I was reading a thread yesterday about how the mouse input is being emulated as controller input or something to that degree… lol as interested in MHW as I was before, I think my decision to hold off till next year to buy it is a much sensible idea

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