Community Review: Gamescom 2018

Image: Gamescom

So, another major gaming convention has come and gone. But what caught your eye the most?

A week of releases and new trailers is always a good chance to re-examine expectations for the gaming year, and sometimes form new ones. Gamescom had plenty of fresh builds: Super Mario Party was playable for the first time, or at least the mini-games were. People got hands on with DmC 5, much to their delight, and it was a chance for most of the public to see how games like Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Skull & Bones, Life is Strange 2 and more were coming along.

In no particular order, some highlights for me:

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Didn't have this high on my list of games I think I'd be excited for; the Gamescom demo rapidly changed that.
  • Battlefield 5: Not for the Rotterdam level as such, but more the ray tracing tech shown off during the Nvidia showings. Should open up a lot of possibilities for developers in a couple of years time when the techniques are more widely known.
  • Supermarket Shriek: Seeing people scream at each other to navigate their way through a supermarket is never not funny.
  • World War 3: I'm all for more metagames in shooters, but I'll have more to say about this later.
  • Biomutant: Hugely entertaining.

What games or trailers did you see from Gamescom this year that caught your attention?


    I was happy that both Tropico 6 and Anno 1800 got release dates but sad that they are both in early 2019.

    is it a sign of aging that the only thing I was interested in is the Settlers?

    DMC5 and Sekiro are definitely the things I am most looking forward to on the back of Gamescom. Early next year is going to kill both my wallet and spare time.

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