Community Review: Monster Hunter World (PC)

After a long wait, Capcom's idyllic monster simulator/game that makes your pets freak out when it's on the TV finally came to PC. It hasn't been without the odd fault, mind you.

The game currently has a "mixed" review on Steam from just over 22,000 user reviews, partially an indication of the early performance users have had. Two of the biggest complaints levelled so far centre on unstable, if not outright broken, online play. This follows after Capcom quickly rolled out a hotfix that stopped the game from launching altogether on older CPUs, thanks to a specific implementation of Denuvo DRM.

Capcom Fixes Monster Hunter World Bug That Stopped Game Starting On Older CPUs

Monster Hunter World's PC debut has been rough, with poor optimisation the biggest complaint. To top things off, the game wouldn't even start on Intel and AMD CPUs made before 2012/2013, thanks to the use of a newer processor instruction in the title's DRM.

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Capcom has also advised users disable SLI/Crossfire, which is a right pain for a game that can look as good as MHW on the highest settings. And if you do have a monster GPU, you're in luck, as a Digital Foundry analysis discovered.

It's pretty staggering the impact some of the settings have, too. It's not a surprise that LOD bias has such an enormous impact for the majority of the game (when outdoors).

But as the video above shows - along with a cursory glance at the threads in the Steam forums - there's a severe bug with the texture settings. Generally, people are getting low-res textures loading in even though they're rocking top of the line GPUs (GTX 1080, 1080 Ti). That said, loading on PC is substantially faster than what you'd get on consoles (unless you've installed a hybrid drive or SSD).

So for those who waited and finally jumped on the Monster Hunter train last week, how's the performance and stability been for you? Have you largely been playing solo or with friends, and what's that experience been like?


    This game is great fun.

    The action, the combat, the graphics, the audio.

    Plays much smoother and looks better on PC than on my PS4.

    Hitting up multiplay is a blast either with randoms or friends.

    Playing with bow and arrows is awsome.

    Only real issue I see so far is the frequent disconnects form online sessions. Not super frequenet but once every couple hours maybe. Was pretty bad last night. Hopefully they can patch that.

    Also how to take screen shots in middle of combat. Good action shots. Maybe I need to macro a button to take x screenshots over 5 secs or something then pick the best one.

    Now how the heck I'm going to beath that Anjanath...

    After the first hour the game is great, but particle effects in Rotten and the bullet rain bow ability for some reason make my computer chug.

    Some bosses also feel really easy in world (jesus christe is the Rathian a cake walk on even the first try), while others have inherited the shittest moves (go away hip check moves, your hit box is the worst).

    A bloke I play games with had a pretty accurate description for it; a cheap mans Dark Souls. The combat doesn't feel tight enough in comparison to Dark Souls.

      I do not understand why people are comparing it like this.

      Really the game does not deserve to be compared to Dark Souls.

      They really are two different games.

      I have played through Dark Souls 1, 2, 3 and I just do not get the Dark Souls feel from this at all. To me Monster Hunter has a whole different vibe to it.

      Big monsters/bosses sure. But thats it.

      You almost have to treat it as a bit slap stick. The earlier monster hunter games were more cartoony so the slap stick and slap dash feel worked well.

      Maybe if they continue in future interations this way they will tighten up the hit boxes etc to make it feel more accurate and real.

    I've been enjoying it so far, although never having played a Monster Hunter game before I've had to do a fair bit of wiki-reading - a lot of important mechanics seem to be either explained poorly or not explained at all by the game, and the UI doesn't help much when it comes to understanding things.

    I haven't had any performance issues or crashes but the textures look like hot garbage even on the highest setting. I actually thought this was just the game, relieved to hear it's a bug that'll hopefully be fixed.

    Been trying to play co-op with a friend. Launch night was a nightmare with constant DCs, but last night was okay.

    WRT to the gameplay, as somebody totally new to the series... I mean, it's fun... I like the overall feel and flow of the combat. Some aspects of it feel kind of clunky initially but I think a lot of these are intentional choice to try and make the combat more strategic and discourage button mashing. I like the overall flow of completing quests and exploring and such.... Enjoying it quite a bit so far, yeah. Was hoping for something with a nice long grind and lots of stuff to unlock and upgrade (happen to have a lot of free time on my hands atm) and it looks like I'll get that.

    My only complaint is the difficulty. I'm totally new to the series and have played about 10 hours, all either in solo play or in co-op with a friend who's also never played a MH game before, and we haven't actually failed a single quest. We've both fainted a couple of times but like... I dunno, I'd like to be challenged a bit more. Hoping it'll get harder as we progress further but this many hours in I'd also have wanted some tougher fights by now. Grinding for good gear and upgrades feels kind of pointless if there's not actually much challenge to begin with.

    Having never dabbled much in the series i hoped into this one. From what i can gather from veterans it's pretty standard fare, but the UI is some of the worst i've ever seen and for a game that has such a focus on co-op, it sure doesn't make it easy to co-op made worse by the bad UI. Then if you can somehow get people into a instance with you, pray to RNGesus that they all stay connected.
    Everything else is passable, but it's gotta make you wonder in the 6+ months they were readying this for PC, what the hell did they actually do? It seem's like a pretty dirty port.

    Honestly in it's current state i wouldnt be spending $70 usd on it. Even $50 usd would be easier to swallow. And keep dreaming if you think you'll co-op the campaign with your friends. The game doesnt know how to handle campaign cutscenes with multiple players so it locks players out from joining you until you've watched all the cutscenes in a mission.

    the TL:DR of it. It's a fun but flawed experience. Co-op is needlessly hard to get working in it's current state

    I played it on the PS4 for 400+ hours. Double dipped on PC to play with my friends. I don't mind a few graphical glitches, lack of raw mouse support, or even the inability to skip cutscenes. Guess what? The online multiplayer experience is virtually broken and non-existent at present.

    This is a pressingly urgent issue that needs to be fixed ASAP. Otherwise the game is only worth 50% of its asking price, since half the fun is playing with friends.

      I think the game should sell for zero dollars.

      At least while Denuvo is still present.

    I must be really useless. Everyone seems to find MHW 'too easy'. Am I the only one who has found it, on average, quite difficult? (Albeit with peaks and troughs...)

    I kinda like it, never played Monster Hunter before, had to do a lot of googling (because things were poorly explained) but everything runs smoothly on my side...
    Like at the beginning, where you setup a second camp, it signposted me to three different camps before reaching the actual camp that was required to go to...

    Except multiplayer. Me and my friends can't connect to each other, and matchmaking does not work at all.

    Couldn't get past the first hour...

    But I'll definitely go back soon, it's just easier to finish off the other games I've got going at the moment.

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