Community Review: We Happy Few

Community Review: We Happy Few
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Now that everyone’s had some time to knock back some Joy in We Happy Few, was it worth it?

The game launched digitally almost a fortnight ago and hit retail shelves last week, so I figured it’d be good to get everyone’s take on how Compulsion Games’ creation has finally fared.

It originally had a torrid time in early access, with players surprised – unhappily so – at the planned direction of the game. A couple of years’ worth of retooling later, We Happy Few was taken down from early access in February ahead of the game’s eventual launch later this year.

But, of course, then the Classification Board got involved.

We Happy Few Developers: The Classification Board 'Made The Best Decision They Could'

Following the unanimous overturning of the Classification Board's original RC rating for We Happy Few, Compulsion Games has expressed sympathy for the statutory body. The studio -- and Aussie gamers -- is glad that the RC rating was overturned, but one We Happy Few producer isn't sure the Board could have ruled any other way.

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The signal boost couldn’t have come at a better time: most people I spoke to had completely forgotten that We Happy Few was coming out, until the RC rating dropped.

But as Riley found, there’s a mishmash of systems that don’t always quite match up. Survival elements, but no quick save or quick load? An engaging world, but your interactions with NPCs are largely dependent on your service as a courier.

Anyway, I’m interested to know what you think. Does We Happy Few work for you?


  • Should have used a different art director for the character modeling.
    The wierd cartoony artstyle/character models really turn me off in the same way they looked ugly to me in the bioshock games.

  • Might ask this of everyone here.

    Sterling’s Jimpression of the game could only be described as our right savage, especially with him saying it should be recalled.

    But when I saw Jakesepticeye’s first video of the game there were no issues.

    Is anyone else having issues with this game? I’m wondering if Stream just sent Sterling a bad build (like what happened to various customers years ago with Dead Island 2).

      • Just refunded it myself on Steam. Had a couple of crashes and fps was over the place. Found the game utterly uninspired myself. Highly repetitive, boring character models which seem to only have a limited few types and I mean very few limited types… just didnt do much for me. 3/10

        • Dayum, sorry to hear that, mate.

          Truth be told, I honestly though the game itself had a lot of promise. The visuals alone won me over but I never bought in as, you know, I lack skill in any defintion of the word.

          But looking at Sterling’s experience it just alarms me such outcome eventuated.

          Just a short list:
          * Missing dialog (the animation played but there was no voice nor text)
          * Right character, wrong voice (exactly as it sounds).
          * Death animations playing …. and never exiting to the game over screen.
          * Textures loading in more than once (a door had two handles)

          There are more, but I think I’ve well and truely made the point.

  • Be interested to see how well this sold because I don’t know anyone/no-one on any friends list who has been willing to take a punt on it.

    Some of it interests me & normally i’d jump at supporting an indie like this was, but there are too many warning signs; very mixed reviews – especially at thatfull price given the well publicised increase – which leads to the third & final strike of the publisher being gearbox which is an immediate red flag/don’t buy anyway.

    Will see how it gets patched and gets on moving forward, be interesting to see how much time/focus they give it given Gearbox publish but the developer has now been acquired by MS?

    • Bought it for $49 on preview build years ago and it doesnt feel like its changed much. Havent played enough of it to know. Pretty disappointed tbh, wanted a Bioshock style experience, got a strangley boring survival game. Oh well, like I said, paid for it years ago, so no great loss.

  • I’m about 10 hours in. I’m a little torn on it. The graphics are good. The atmosphere and the environment is quirky and creepy as expected which is awesome but it kind of feels like you’re just running around an environment that doesn’t really interact with you in any meaningful way unless you piss off one of the NPC’s by doing something stupid (this happens a lot).

    The story and the world in which it takes place is cool and unique and that’s the main reason I’m going to play it all the way through. Unfortunately the quests are mostly mundane fetch tasks. Go and get this for me. Go and talk to this person etc. And there are no really meaningful rewards.

    The game tries to mix Stealth and Combat (literally the only two skill trees to choose from essentially) but neither one feels quite right. There’s no real punishment for failing to be stealthy and there is not enough variety in the combat to make it enjoyable.

    The game does have lots of ridiculous and funny moments. They happen enough to keep me entertained enough to continue through the story. A Yam worshiping drug addicted cult? LOL

    Kinda feels like a cross between the creepiness of Bioshock and the gameplay of Dishonored but not quite right…

    I’m hoping for an epic twist in the story that really makes it all worth it. Dont get me wrong its not terrible I just think it couldve been way better. I dont think its worth the current asking price though…

  • Sunk about 10 hours into over the weekend and I’m really enjoying it.

    I’ve experienced a few bugs here and there, but they have made for a good laugh (NPC’s appearing in random places, missions not completing) but most of the time, a save and restart of the game, then I’m back in business.

    Story is a little weak.. but i feel like I’ve only scratched the surface, a few shock and awe moments have been great. Apparently there are 3 characters you’ll play, But I haven’t been introduced to anything to do with the other 2 playable characters yet.

    Joy has been a hoot, there are areas you attempt to go that have “downer” detectors, which means you must get ‘high’ or find another way to get in, they have definitely been interesting puzzles.

    Plus, theres nothing like strolling down the street with your joy’ed up walk..

  • I haven’t played it yet. Had it on my wishlist, was quite deterred by the significant price hike with the new developer… judging by some of these comment’s I’ll be staying away from it until it’s on sale and/or I’ve seen something promising in a Let’s Play.

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