Community Review: Yakuza 0

With Yakuza 0 last week and the arrival of August, the quiet release window has begun to shut. So, for those who jumped into the Yakuza series for the first time, how's it been?

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Yakuza 0 has always been fascinating in the way that it's opened a window for many into a very, very weird world that was previously inaccessible. And when I mean inaccessible, I mean in the sense that it's difficult to penetrate a long-running series that's already hundred of hours into elaborate plots and conspiracies.

But you don't need to worry about that, as Luke argues. Here is a game, after all, that lets you play retro SEGA games while also going on elaborate hot dates while also being the centrepiece of a crime family while also beating the shit out of enemies on the street.

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So for those who picked up the PC port last week: how's it been? And if it's the first Yakuza game you've played, how's the tonal shifts been - too much, or are you into it so far?


    Played the first 30 minutes (which if you're watching all the cut scenes gets you just past karoke), only for game to crash to desktop.

    With no way to save outside of telephone booths, I might be waiting for the game to become stable.

    I streamed the first couple hours of it the other night, good stable game, heaps of randomness and crazy whackness.
    Very cool game so far, i missed out on the console versions so been looking forward to this, and am not disappointed so far.

    and for $20 cannot argue.

      Tell me your ways. I just tried rushing back up to where I was, and crashed entering Karoke.

      The only thing I can think of is I am running at 3440x1440 21:9, but still.

        sorry bud not sure what to tell ya, im only running 1440p but ive not had any issues

    Get the special k config tool and get rid of the ugly motion blur and dof. Also you can edit an .ini file to switch on the save anywhere option.

    Im loving it so far, story and characters are interesting, especially leading up to the first big encounter.

    Fighting style / upgrade options are interesting.

    All the random stuff to do in town and characters are great fun too.

    Way more interesting than standard openworld stuff like GTA, story actually makes me want to get back into it and discover more.

    Graphics abit outdated but they do look very crisp in some scenes.

    Also alot of the characters were modeled off real life Japanese actors so thats fun too.

    8/10 would yakuza again

    Finding it great so far, never played a Yakuza game before. In particular loving the script - it's genuinely hilarious during the more goofy parts of the game (of which there are many) and actually pretty good/smart during the more dramatic moments, which is a pleasant surprise. My experience in the past has been that in games featuring both of these things the dramatic writing is usually massively overwrought or just bad, but not so here, at least not so far.

    I got stuck on the first boss fight for a frustratingly long time, but that's probably my fault for stubbornly refusing to switch off of Hard in a franchise I've never played before, so I'm not going to hold that against the game.

    Also really digging the world. Seems like open world is super tiny (maybe there's more areas available later, I dunno) but detail makes up for a lot.

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